Pronunciation: [tˈantə͡lˌa͡ɪzɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "tantalizing" is spelled with four syllables: /ˈtæn.tə.laɪ.zɪŋ/. The initial syllable is pronounced with the short "a" sound, followed by a stressed syllable with the "an" sound. The "ti" in the third syllable is pronounced with the "t" sound followed by the "eye" sound. The final syllable contains the "zing" sound, which is spelled with the letter "z" and the "ing" ending. Overall, the spelling of "tantalizing" accurately reflects its pronunciation.

TANTALIZING Meaning and Definition

Tantalizing is an adjective that describes something that provokes desire or interest by being alluringly out of reach, creating a sense of anticipation or temptation. It implies that a person or thing is teasingly close or within sight, yet remains unattainable or out of one's grasp.

Derived from the Greek mythological figure Tantalus, who was eternally tormented in the afterlife by being surrounded by food and water that receded when he tried to reach for them, the term tantalizing carries the connotation of tease or torment. It suggests a scenario where something desirable or appealing is dangled before someone but remains just beyond their reach.

The term is often used to describe situations, experiences, or objects that are particularly tempting or attractive. For example, tantalizing aromas wafting from a kitchen could make one’s mouth water, arousing strong cravings for the savory dish being prepared. Similarly, a tantalizing offer or opportunity might be one that is highly enticing but difficult to obtain, leaving individuals yearning for the chance to acquire or experience it.

Overall, tantalizing is a word that captures the magnetic allure and enticement associated with something that is desirable yet frustratingly unattainable, fueling anticipation, curiosity, and a desire for more.

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Etymology of TANTALIZING

The word "tantalizing" traces its roots to Greek mythology, specifically to the story of Tantalus. According to the myth, Tantalus was a mortal who angered the gods and was sentenced to eternal punishment in the afterlife. His punishment consisted of being surrounded by water, but whenever he tried to drink, it receded, preventing him from quenching his thirst. Similarly, fruit hung above his head, but whenever he reached for it, the branches would pull the fruit away, leaving him perpetually hungry.

The word "tantalizing" emerged from the name Tantalus and reflects the idea of creating a strong desire or longing that is never fulfilled. It is used to describe something that is tempting or alluring but remains just out of reach, thereby enticing and frustrating at the same time.

Similar spelling words for TANTALIZING

Conjugate verb Tantalizing


I would tantalize
we would tantalize
you would tantalize
he/she/it would tantalize
they would tantalize


I will tantalize
we will tantalize
you will tantalize
he/she/it will tantalize
they will tantalize


I will have tantalized
we will have tantalized
you will have tantalized
he/she/it will have tantalized
they will have tantalized


I tantalized
we tantalized
you tantalized
he/she/it tantalized
they tantalized


I had tantalized
we had tantalized
you had tantalized
he/she/it had tantalized
they had tantalized


I tantalize
we tantalize
you tantalize
he/she/it tantalizes
they tantalize


I have tantalized
we have tantalized
you have tantalized
he/she/it has tantalized
they have tantalized
I am tantalizing
we are tantalizing
you are tantalizing
he/she/it is tantalizing
they are tantalizing
I was tantalizing
we were tantalizing
you were tantalizing
he/she/it was tantalizing
they were tantalizing
I will be tantalizing
we will be tantalizing
you will be tantalizing
he/she/it will be tantalizing
they will be tantalizing
I have been tantalizing
we have been tantalizing
you have been tantalizing
he/she/it has been tantalizing
they have been tantalizing
I had been tantalizing
we had been tantalizing
you had been tantalizing
he/she/it had been tantalizing
they had been tantalizing
I will have been tantalizing
we will have been tantalizing
you will have been tantalizing
he/she/it will have been tantalizing
they will have been tantalizing
I would have tantalized
we would have tantalized
you would have tantalized
he/she/it would have tantalized
they would have tantalized
I would be tantalizing
we would be tantalizing
you would be tantalizing
he/she/it would be tantalizing
they would be tantalizing
I would have been tantalizing
we would have been tantalizing
you would have been tantalizing
he/she/it would have been tantalizing
they would have been tantalizing


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