How Do You Spell TAPPING?

Pronunciation: [tˈapɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "tapping" is spelled with two consonants and two vowels. The first vowel is pronounced as the sound /æ/ (represented by the symbol æ in IPA). The second vowel is pronounced as the sound /ɪ/ (represented by the symbol ɪ in IPA). The first consonant is pronounced as the sound /t/ (represented by the symbol t in IPA), and the second consonant is pronounced as the sound /p/ (represented by the symbol p in IPA). The word "tapping" refers to the act of striking or tapping something.

TAPPING Meaning and Definition

  1. Tapping is a verb that refers to the act of striking or gently hitting something with a rapid or rhythmic motion. It typically involves making repeated light contact with an object or surface, often producing a tapping sound or rhythm. Tapping can be accomplished using various body parts or specialized tools, such as fingers, hands, feet, or drumsticks.

    In a broader context, tapping can also describe the act of extracting or drawing out something from a source. This could involve extracting liquid from a container by repeatedly striking or tapping it lightly. Additionally, tapping may refer to the action of drawing out valuable or useful information or resources from a person, organization, or source.

    Another meaning of tapping is associated with communication and technology. It pertains to the act of accessing, intercepting, or monitoring electronic data transmissions, such as telephone calls, internet communications, or computer networks. In this context, tapping is often considered illegal or unethical unless performed under authorized circumstances, such as law enforcement surveillance or national security operations.

    In summary, tapping can refer to the physical act of striking or hitting in a rapid and rhythmic manner, extracting liquids or valuable information, or intercepting electronic communications. The specific context in which the term is used will determine its exact meaning and implications.

  2. 1. Tapotement. 2. Thoracentesis, paracentesis, etc.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

  3. The act of opening a cask of liquor; the surgical operation of removing fluid from the body, as in the disease of dropsy.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of TAPPING

The word "tapping" is derived from the Middle English word "tapen", which came from the Old English word "tæppian". This Old English root had similar meanings, referring to the action of hitting or striking lightly, often with a repetitive motion. Over time, "tapping" came to specifically denote the action of gently striking something to produce a sound or extract a substance (such as tapping a keg to draw out beer). It has also been extended metaphorically to describe actions such as tapping into a resource or accessing information.

Similar spelling words for TAPPING

Plural form of TAPPING is TAPPINGS

Conjugate verb Tapping


I would tap
we would tap
you would tap
he/she/it would tap
they would tap


I will tap
we will tap
you will tap
he/she/it will tap
they will tap


I will have tapped
we will have tapped
you will have tapped
he/she/it will have tapped
they will have tapped


I tapped
we tapped
you tapped
he/she/it tapped
they tapped


I had tapped
we had tapped
you had tapped
he/she/it had tapped
they had tapped


I tap
we tap
you tap
he/she/it taps
they tap


I have tapped
we have tapped
you have tapped
he/she/it has tapped
they have tapped
I am tapping
we are tapping
you are tapping
he/she/it is tapping
they are tapping
I was tapping
we were tapping
you were tapping
he/she/it was tapping
they were tapping
I will be tapping
we will be tapping
you will be tapping
he/she/it will be tapping
they will be tapping
I have been tapping
we have been tapping
you have been tapping
he/she/it has been tapping
they have been tapping
I had been tapping
we had been tapping
you had been tapping
he/she/it had been tapping
they had been tapping
I will have been tapping
we will have been tapping
you will have been tapping
he/she/it will have been tapping
they will have been tapping
I would have tapped
we would have tapped
you would have tapped
he/she/it would have tapped
they would have tapped
I would be tapping
we would be tapping
you would be tapping
he/she/it would be tapping
they would be tapping
I would have been tapping
we would have been tapping
you would have been tapping
he/she/it would have been tapping
they would have been tapping


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