How Do You Spell TARDA?

The word "tarda" is spelled with a "d" in the middle, despite its similar pronunciation to the word "tarde" which is spelled with a "t". This is because "tarda" comes from the Spanish verb "tardar" which means "to take a long time". In IPA phonetic transcription, "tarda" is pronounced /ˈtaɾ.ða/, with the "d" representing the voiced dental fricative sound. It's important to pay attention to these subtle spelling differences to avoid confusion in written communication.

Common Misspellings for TARDA

  • tarder
  • tardan
  • tardy
  • tardar
  • terda
  • tardah
  • tardea
  • 6arda
  • tzrda
  • ta5da
  • ta4da
  • tarxa
  • tardz
  • tgarda
  • ytarda
  • tyarda
  • 6tarda
  • t6arda
  • 5tarda
  • t5arda

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