How Do You Spell TAREA?

Tarea is a Spanish word that means "homework" in English. The IPA transcription of Tarea is /ta.ˈɾe.a/. The first sound, /t/, is a voiceless alveolar plosive, followed by an unstressed /a/ sound. The second syllable, /ˈɾe/, is pronounced with a trill r sound followed by an unstressed e sound. The final syllable, /a/, is pronounced just like the first syllable. Understanding the IPA transcription can be helpful in correctly spelling and pronouncing words in a foreign language.

Common Misspellings for TAREA

  • tarsea
  • 6area
  • 5area
  • tzrea
  • ta5ea
  • ta4ea
  • tar4a
  • tar3a
  • tarez
  • rtarea
  • tgarea
  • ytarea
  • tyarea
  • 6tarea
  • t6area
  • 5tarea
  • t5area
  • tzarea
  • tazrea
  • tasrea

24 words made out of letters TAREA

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