How Do You Spell TARGETS?

Correct spelling for the English word "targets" is [t_ˈɑː_ɡ_ɪ_t_s], [tˈɑːɡɪts], [tˈɑːɡɪts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for TARGETS

Below is the list of 135 misspellings for the word "targets".

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Anagrams of TARGETS

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Usage Examples for TARGETS

  1. He would fairly beam with cordiality and respect upon the commanding officer who was short and gruff with him; he would invade old Stannard's quarters to ask his advice about the purchase of a horse or the proper method of dealing with some one of his men,- and the major had a soft side in looking after the rights of the rank and file; he would drop in to ask Mrs. Stannard the name of a new flower he had picked up out near the targets. - "Marion's Faith." by Charles King
  2. Thanks to the data thus obtained, the Italian gunners were able to locate their targets and estimate their ranges with absolute precision. - "Italy at War and the Allies in the West" by E. Alexander Powell

Conjugate verb Targets


I would target
we would target
you would target
he/she/it would target
they would target


I will target
we will target
you will target
he/she/it will target
they will target


I will have targetted
we will have targetted
you will have targetted
he/she/it will have targetted
they will have targetted


I targetted
we targetted
you targetted
he/she/it targetted
they targetted


I had targetted
we had targetted
you had targetted
he/she/it had targetted
they had targetted


I target
we target
you target
he/she/it targets
they target


I have targetted
we have targetted
you have targetted
he/she/it has targetted
they have targetted
I am targetting
we are targetting
you are targetting
he/she/it is targetting
they are targetting
I was targetting
we were targetting
you were targetting
he/she/it was targetting
they were targetting
I will be targetting
we will be targetting
you will be targetting
he/she/it will be targetting
they will be targetting
I have been targetting
we have been targetting
you have been targetting
he/she/it has been targetting
they have been targetting
I had been targetting
we had been targetting
you had been targetting
he/she/it had been targetting
they had been targetting
I will have been targetting
we will have been targetting
you will have been targetting
he/she/it will have been targetting
they will have been targetting
I would have targetted
we would have targetted
you would have targetted
he/she/it would have targetted
they would have targetted
I would be targetting
we would be targetting
you would be targetting
he/she/it would be targetting
they would be targetting
I would have been targetting
we would have been targetting
you would have been targetting
he/she/it would have been targetting
they would have been targetting