How Do You Spell TARN?

Pronunciation: [tˈɑːn] (IPA)

The word "tarn" is spelled with four letters, and is pronounced /tɑːn/ in IPA phonetic transcription. This word can sometimes be misspelled as "tarnn" or "tarne," but the correct spelling is important for clear communication. A "tarn" is a small mountain lake or pool in a rocky basin, and is a common feature of mountainous regions. The word is of Scandinavian origin, and has been in use in English since the 17th century.

TARN Meaning and Definition

  1. A tarn is a small mountain lake or pool, typically located in a glacial cirque or valley and often found in high-altitude regions. It is specifically formed by the melting of glacial ice and subsequent accumulation of water in a basin-shaped depression. Tarns can range in size from small pools to larger bodies of water, usually characterized by their shallow depths and irregular shapes. The word "tarn" originates from the Old Norse term "tjörn", meaning a small lake or pond.

    Tarns are commonly found in mountainous areas, particularly those with a history of glacial activity such as the Alps, Rockies, or Himalayas. They are often renowned for their breathtaking natural beauty and tranquility, surrounded by rugged landscapes and towering peaks. Due to their formation through glacial processes, tarns often possess crystal-clear, turquoise waters and are fed by continuous melting ice.

    In addition to being natural features of alpine environments, tarns have also gained popularity among hikers, nature enthusiasts, and photographers due to their picturesque aesthetics. Many tarns are situated along hiking trails or within national parks, attracting visitors with their serene ambiance and the opportunity to witness wildlife and diverse flora. Some tarns even become habitats for unique aquatic plants and species adapted to the harsh conditions of high altitudes.

    Overall, tarns are enchanting mountain bodies of water that offer a glimpse into the powerful forces of nature and provide a serene respite within alpine environments.

  2. A small mountain-lake; a marsh; a bog.

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Etymology of TARN

The word "tarn" comes from Old Norse "tjǫrn", which means "small mountain lake" or "pool". This term was borrowed into Old English as "terne" or "tearn", retaining the same meaning. Over time, the spelling shifted to "tarn". The word is particularly used in certain regions of England, Scotland, and Northern Europe to describe small mountain lakes or pools formed by glacial activity.

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Plural form of TARN is TARNS


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