How Do You Spell TAT?

Pronunciation: [tˈat] (IPA)

The word "tat" is spelled with three letters: T-A-T. It is a short and simple word that refers to cheap and decorative objects or trinkets. In terms of phonetics, "tat" is pronounced as /tæt/ in IPA transcription. This means that the first sound is a voiceless alveolar plosive (represented by the symbol /t/), followed by a short vowel sound that is produced by raising the tongue towards the front of the mouth (represented by the symbol /æ/), and ending with the same voiceless alveolar plosive sound again.

TAT Meaning and Definition

Tat, in its noun form, refers to a colloquial term that encompasses various meanings and carries different connotations depending on the context. A common interpretation refers to tat as cheap, tacky, or shoddy items of little or no value, usually associated with mass-produced trinkets or knick-knacks. These goods often serve little practical purpose and are considered to lack style and taste. Tat can refer to poorly made or inferior quality products that are frequently sold in discount or dollar stores.

The term "tat" can also describe intricate, decorative needlework, such as lace or embroidery, that is often delicate and ornate. In this context, tat specifically refers to a particular technique of handcrafting lace using a small shuttle. It requires intricate and skillful hand movements to create loops and knots that form a distinctive lace pattern.

Outside of physical objects, tat can also be used as a verb, where it means to make or create a mess or untidiness. This usage refers to actions that result in clutter, disorder, or disarray. For example, one might say "I really need to clean my room; it's full of tat," implying that the room is messy and chaotic.

Overall, the term tat encompasses both negative connotations of cheap, shoddy goods and positive associations with intricate lace or needlework. Its versatility in various contexts makes it a word that carries different meanings depending on its usage.

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Etymology of TAT

The word "tat" has a few different etymological origins, depending on its usage.

1. As a noun - referring to a decorative object or cheap, showy trinket:

The word "tat" in this sense originates from the French word "tâte", which means "to touch or handle". It gradually evolved into "tat", referring to showy or cheaply made objects.

2. As a verb - meaning to make lace by hand or perform decorative needlework:

The verb "tat" in this sense is derived from the Old French word "tatte", which means "to make lace or perform decorative needlework". This Old French term originates from the Germanic word "tatuja", which means "to produce by stitching".

Idioms with the word TAT

  • give someone tit for tat The idiom "give someone tit for tat" means to respond to someone's actions or words in a similar way or with equivalent force. It suggests returning the same treatment, often in retaliation or to make a point.
  • give sm tit for tat The idiom "give someone tit for tat" means to respond to someone's actions or treatment in a similar or equal way, usually as a form of revenge or retaliation. It implies paying someone back with the same actions or treatment they have inflicted upon you.

Similar spelling words for TAT

Conjugate verb Tat


I would tat
you would tat
he/she/it would tat
we would tat
they would tat


I would be tatting
you would be tatting
he/she/it would be tatting
we would be tatting
they would be tatting


I would have tat
you would have tat
he/she/it would have tat
we would have tat
they would have tat


I would have been tatting
you would have been tatting
he/she/it would have been tatting
we would have been tatting
they would have been tatting


I will tat
you will tat
he/she/it will tat
we will tat
they will tat


I will be tatting
you will be tatting
he/she/it will be tatting
we will be tatting
they will be tatting


I will have tatted
you will have tatted
he/she/it will have tatted
we will have tatted
they will have tatted


I will have been tatting
you will have been tatting
he/she/it will have been tatting
we will have been tatting
they will have been tatting


you tat
we let´s tat


to tat


I tatted
you tatted
he/she/it tatted
we tatted
they tatted


I was tatting
you were tatting
he/she/it was tatting
we were tatting
they were tatting




I had tatted
you had tatted
he/she/it had tatted
we had tatted
they had tatted


I had been tatting
you had been tatting
he/she/it had been tatting
we had been tatting
they had been tatting


I tat
you tat
he/she/it tats
we tat
they tat


I am tatting
you are tatting
he/she/it is tatting
we are tatting
they are tatting




I have tatted
you have tatted
he/she/it has tatted
we have tatted
they have tatted


I have been tatting
you have been tatting
he/she/it has been tatting
we have been tatting
they have been tatting


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