How Do You Spell TATTLINGS?

Pronunciation: [tˈatlɪŋz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "tattlings" may appear tricky, but it actually follows a simple phonetic pattern. In IPA transcription, it is pronounced as /ˈtæt.lɪŋz/, with stress on the first syllable. The 't' and 'l' consonants are pronounced distinctly, followed by a short 'i' vowel sound. The '-ings' ending is pronounced with a soft 'g' sound and a nasal 'n'. Overall, "tattlings" is spelled phonetically, and once understood, becomes easier to pronounce accurately.

TATTLINGS Meaning and Definition

  1. Tattlings is a noun that refers to the act of gossiping or engaging in idle talk about others. It involves discussing personal or private matters, often with the intention of spreading rumors or causing harm to someone's reputation. Tattlings can involve passing on information about another person's actions, behavior, or personal life without their consent or knowledge.

    This term is typically associated with negative connotations as it suggests a lack of integrity or trustworthiness. Tattlings is often used to describe someone who habitually engages in this behavior, frequently talking about others behind their back or sharing sensitive information without consideration for its impact.

    The nature of tattlings can vary, ranging from relatively harmless discussions about benign topics to more malicious forms of gossip that can lead to real harm and damage to relationships. It can create a toxic environment where trust erodes and individuals become wary of sharing personal information.

    Tattlings is often frowned upon in many social circles, as it is seen as a breach of privacy and an invasion of personal boundaries. Engaging in tattlings can erode personal relationships, damage reputations, and create unnecessary conflict. It is important to exercise discretion and integrity when it comes to sharing information about others to avoid engaging in tattlings.

Common Misspellings for TATTLINGS

  • tatteling
  • tattleing
  • tatling
  • gattlings
  • yattlings
  • 6attlings
  • tzttlings
  • tsttlings
  • twttlings
  • tqttlings
  • tartlings
  • taftlings
  • tagtlings
  • taytlings
  • ta6tlings
  • ta5tlings
  • tatrlings
  • tatflings
  • tatglings
  • tatylings

Etymology of TATTLINGS

The word "tattlings" is derived from the verb "tattle", which dates back to the 15th century. The term "tattle" originally meant to engage in idle or trivial talk, gossip, or chatter. It is believed to have originated from Middle English "tatelen", which meant to prattle or chatter. This Middle English word can be traced back to Old English "tǣtl", meaning to talk at length or babble. Over time, "tattle" developed into "tattling" as the noun form of the verb, referring to the act of idle talk or gossip.


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