How Do You Spell TEARS?

The word "tears" is spelled with two vowels that make a sound together. The first vowel is a long "e" which is represented by the IPA symbol /i/. The second vowel is a schwa sound /ə/. The "r" is silent, making the sound of the word /tɪərz/. This word is commonly used to describe the salty liquid that comes out of our eyes when we cry or feel emotional. Proper spelling is essential to make sure readers or listeners can understand the intended meaning.

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Similar spelling words for TEARS

Plural form of TEARS is TEARS

62 words made out of letters TEARS

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Conjugate verb Tears


I would tear
we would tear
you would tear
he/she/it would tear
they would tear


I will tear
we will tear
you will tear
he/she/it will tear
they will tear


I will have torn
we will have torn
you will have torn
he/she/it will have torn
they will have torn


I tore
we tore
you tore
he/she/it tore
they tore


I had torn
we had torn
you had torn
he/she/it had torn
they had torn


I tear
we tear
you tear
he/she/it tears
they tear


I have torn
we have torn
you have torn
he/she/it has torn
they have torn
I am tearing
we are tearing
you are tearing
he/she/it is tearing
they are tearing
I was tearing
we were tearing
you were tearing
he/she/it was tearing
they were tearing
I will be tearing
we will be tearing
you will be tearing
he/she/it will be tearing
they will be tearing
I have been tearing
we have been tearing
you have been tearing
he/she/it has been tearing
they have been tearing
I had been tearing
we had been tearing
you had been tearing
he/she/it had been tearing
they had been tearing
I will have been tearing
we will have been tearing
you will have been tearing
he/she/it will have been tearing
they will have been tearing
I would have torn
we would have torn
you would have torn
he/she/it would have torn
they would have torn
I would be tearing
we would be tearing
you would be tearing
he/she/it would be tearing
they would be tearing
I would have been tearing
we would have been tearing
you would have been tearing
he/she/it would have been tearing
they would have been tearing


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