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Pronunciation: [tˈiːt] (IPA)

The word "teat" is spelled with three letters, but its pronunciation can be tricky. It is transcribed in IPA phonetic transcription as /tiːt/, with the long vowel sound of "ee". The word refers to the nipple of a female mammal, especially a cow or a goat, used for suckling her offspring. The word comes from Old English word "tæt", which means "projecting part". Accurate spelling of this word is important in veterinary and breeding contexts.

TEAT Meaning and Definition

A teat is defined as a small, nipple-like protuberance found on female mammals, specifically the mammary gland, through which milk is secreted. It is a structure present in mammals for nourishing their offspring with milk during breastfeeding. Typically, teats are located on the underside of an animal's body, commonly in pairs, corresponding to the number of mammary glands an individual possesses.

Teats are primarily composed of mammary tissue, which consists of milk ducts and alveoli responsible for producing and delivering milk. In many mammals, teats are surrounded by a circular and pigmented area called the areola. This region contains specialized sweat glands, called Montgomery glands, which secrete fluid to help lubricate and protect the teat during breastfeeding.

The structure and appearance of teats can vary among different species. They can range in size, shape, and texture, with some being elongated and pointed while others are shorter and rounded. The number of teats also differs among species, with some mammals having as few as two teats, while others may possess several pairs. For instance, cows typically have four teats, while dogs have multiple pairs, varying according to their breed.

Teats play a crucial role in providing vital nutrients to offspring during the early stages of life, allowing them to grow and develop. Their presence enables a secure attachment between the young animal's mouth and the mammary gland, facilitating efficient milk consumption and nourishment.

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Etymology of TEAT

The word teat originated from the Old English word tit, which meant nipple or breast. This Old English term is believed to have derived from the Proto-Germanic word *titiz. This etymology is also closely related to the modern English word teat and the German word Zitze.

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Plural form of TEAT is TEATS


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