How Do You Spell TEE?

Pronunciation: [tˈiː] (IPA)

The word "tee" is spelled with the letters t and e. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is pronounced /ti/, with a short "e" sound at the end. The word can refer to a small peg used to support a golf ball, or to the letter "T" in the military phonetic alphabet. The spelling of "tee" is simple and easy to remember, and its pronunciation is clear and concise. Whether you're hitting a tee shot on the golf course or communicating via military radio, the word "tee" is an important and useful part of the English language.

TEE Meaning and Definition

Tee has multiple definitions depending on its context. As a noun, tee refers to a small peg with a concave head used in golf to elevate the ball before striking it. It is typically made of wood or plastic and inserted into the ground. The tee provides stability and enables a clean shot by giving the golfer an optimal position for swinging the club.

Tee can also be used as a noun to describe a short, usually sleeveless, T-shaped garment that is typically made of cotton. It is generally worn as an undershirt or as a casual piece of clothing. Tees come in various colors and styles, and they are popular due to their comfort and versatility.

In slang, the term tee can be used as a shortened form of "t-shirt" or to describe a person's genuine or honest reaction to something. For example, "That's the tee" means "That's the truth" or "That's exactly how it is."

As a verb, tee means to place or position a golf ball on a tee before hitting it, or to position something in a tee shape. It can also refer to someone getting ready or preparing for a specific activity or event. For instance, "I need to tee up before the meeting" means "I need to prepare beforehand."

Overall, tee can refer to a golfing device, a style of garment, a slang term, or an action related to golfing or preparing for an activity.

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Etymology of TEE

The word "tee" has two different origins and meanings, depending on the context:

1. Golf Tee:

The term "tee" in golf originated from the Scottish word "teaz" or "teas", which meant a small peg or mark used as a starting point. It further evolved to "tee" and specifically refers to the small peg or device that is used to elevate the golf ball for the first stroke on each hole in the game of golf. This usage dates back to the early 17th century.

2. T-Shirt:

The word "tee" originated in the early 20th century as a slang term for the letter "T". It is believed to have derived from the shape of the shirt itself, which resembles the capital letter "T" due to its short sleeves and body.

Idioms with the word TEE

  • to a tee The idiom "to a tee" means to do something precisely or exactly as it should be done, without any error or deviation. It suggests perfection or adherence to all details and requirements.
  • tee off The idiom "tee off" has several meanings, depending on the context: 1. In golf: To tee off means to start a round of golf by hitting the ball from the tee (a small peg) with a driver or other club. It is the first stroke on a hole. 2. Figuratively: To tee off can mean to start or begin something, often with enthusiasm or excitement. It is used metaphorically, not necessarily related to golf, to indicate the beginning of an activity or event. 3. To annoy or irritate: Teeing off can also have a negative connotation, meaning to irritate, anger, or provoke someone. It implies causing frustration or annoyance to another person.
  • tee sm off The idiom "tee someone off" means to provoke or irritate someone, often causing them to become angry or frustrated. It is derived from the game of golf, where players hit the ball off a tee to start each hole. In this context, "teeing someone off" figuratively refers to intentionally hitting their "emotional ball" to unsettle or annoy them.

Similar spelling words for TEE

Plural form of TEE is TEES

Conjugate verb Tee


I would tee
we would tee
you would tee
he/she/it would tee
they would tee


I will tee
we will tee
you will tee
he/she/it will tee
they will tee


I will have teed
we will have teed
you will have teed
he/she/it will have teed
they will have teed


I teed
we teed
you teed
he/she/it teed
they teed


I had teed
we had teed
you had teed
he/she/it had teed
they had teed


I tee
we tee
you tee
he/she/it tees
they tee


I have teed
we have teed
you have teed
he/she/it has teed
they have teed
I am teeing
we are teeing
you are teeing
he/she/it is teeing
they are teeing
I was teeing
we were teeing
you were teeing
he/she/it was teeing
they were teeing
I will be teeing
we will be teeing
you will be teeing
he/she/it will be teeing
they will be teeing
I have been teeing
we have been teeing
you have been teeing
he/she/it has been teeing
they have been teeing
I had been teeing
we had been teeing
you had been teeing
he/she/it had been teeing
they had been teeing
I will have been teeing
we will have been teeing
you will have been teeing
he/she/it will have been teeing
they will have been teeing
I would have teed
we would have teed
you would have teed
he/she/it would have teed
they would have teed
I would be teeing
we would be teeing
you would be teeing
he/she/it would be teeing
they would be teeing
I would have been teeing
we would have been teeing
you would have been teeing
he/she/it would have been teeing
they would have been teeing


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