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Pronunciation: [tˈiːn] (IPA)

The word "teen" is commonly used to refer to someone between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. It is spelled with the letter "T" followed by a diphthong consisting of the letters "ee" and finally the letter "n". In phonetic transcription, the word is represented as /tiːn/. The first syllable is pronounced with a long "e" sound, while the second syllable has a short "i" sound. This word is often used in combination, such as "teenager" or "teenage".

TEEN Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "teen" typically refers to an individual who falls within the age range of thirteen to nineteen years old. It is a specific developmental stage characterized by adolescence, bridging the gap between childhood and adulthood. Teenage years are marked by significant physical, psychological, and emotional changes as individuals undergo puberty and strive to establish their identities.

    From a societal perspective, teenagers are often considered to be in a phase of transition, facing new challenges and experiences while preparing for independence and adulthood. This period is usually associated with increased social interactions, discovery of personal interests, and greater autonomy. Teens are expected to navigate through academic, personal, and social responsibilities, as they encounter exams, engage in friendships, experience romantic relationships, and explore potential career aspirations.

    The term "teen" can also be used as a modifier, highlighting products, activities, or events directed at or specifically catering to this age group. For instance, "teen fashion" refers to clothing styles popular among teenagers, while "teen magazines" are publications geared towards this demographic. This usage acknowledges the distinct interests and preferences of teenagers and helps to target appropriate content towards their age group.

    Overall, the term "teen" encompasses the stage of life that captures the transition from childhood to adulthood, encompassing the various experiences, challenges, and opportunities faced by individuals between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

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Etymology of TEEN

The word "teen" is derived from the Old English word "tīn" and Old High German "zehan", both of which mean "ten". In Old English, "tīn" was used not only to refer to the number ten but also to describe the period from age 10 to 19. Over time, the meaning of "teen" narrowed to describe the specific age group from 13 to 19.

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