How Do You Spell TEES?

Correct spelling for the English word "TEES" is [t_ˈiː_z], [tˈiːz], [tˈiːz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for TEES

Below is the list of 255 misspellings for the word "tees".

Anagrams of TEES

4 letters

  • tees.

3 letters

2 letters

Usage Examples for TEES

  1. It is at present the most prevalent in the rich, fine, fertile, enclosed lands on the banks of the Tees, in Yorkshire. - "The American Reformed Cattle Doctor" by George Dadd
  2. Of course when tees have not to be specially made there is endless variety open. - "The Complete Golfer [1905]" by Harry Vardon

What does TEES stand for?

Abbreviation TEES means:

  1. Targeted Efficient Equity Securities
  2. The Education Expert System

Conjugate verb Tees


I would tee
we would tee
you would tee
he/she/it would tee
they would tee


I will tee
we will tee
you will tee
he/she/it will tee
they will tee


I will have teed
we will have teed
you will have teed
he/she/it will have teed
they will have teed


I teed
we teed
you teed
he/she/it teed
they teed


I had teed
we had teed
you had teed
he/she/it had teed
they had teed


I tee
we tee
you tee
he/she/it tees
they tee


I have teed
we have teed
you have teed
he/she/it has teed
they have teed
I am teeing
we are teeing
you are teeing
he/she/it is teeing
they are teeing
I was teeing
we were teeing
you were teeing
he/she/it was teeing
they were teeing
I will be teeing
we will be teeing
you will be teeing
he/she/it will be teeing
they will be teeing
I have been teeing
we have been teeing
you have been teeing
he/she/it has been teeing
they have been teeing
I had been teeing
we had been teeing
you had been teeing
he/she/it had been teeing
they had been teeing
I will have been teeing
we will have been teeing
you will have been teeing
he/she/it will have been teeing
they will have been teeing
I would have teed
we would have teed
you would have teed
he/she/it would have teed
they would have teed
I would be teeing
we would be teeing
you would be teeing
he/she/it would be teeing
they would be teeing
I would have been teeing
we would have been teeing
you would have been teeing
he/she/it would have been teeing
they would have been teeing