How Do You Spell TELA?

The word TELA is spelled with four letters: T, E, L, and A. It is pronounced /ˈtɛlə/ in IPA phonetic transcription. TELA is a Latin word which means "web" or "fabric." In Spanish, TELA means "cloth" or "canvas." The pronunciation of TELA is unique because it contains both a stressed syllable (TEL) and an unstressed syllable (A). In English, TELA is sometimes used in the context of art, design or textiles, and it's important to spell it correctly to express your ideas accurately.

Common Misspellings for TELA

  • t4la
  • ytela
  • tyela
  • 6tela
  • t6ela
  • 5tela
  • t5ela
  • telza
  • telaz
  • telwa
  • telaw
  • telaq
  • ttela
  • t ela

Plural form of TELA is TELAE

25 words made out of letters TELA

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