How Do You Spell TERMS?

Correct spelling for the English word "terms" is [t_ˈɜː_m_z], [tˈɜːmz], [tˈɜːmz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of TERMS is TERMS

Definition of TERMS

  1. the amount of money needed to purchase something; "the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"

Anagrams of TERMS

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Usage Examples for TERMS

  1. " If you choose to put yourself up to live with a fellow like that on equal terms-" " One gentleman with another, you mean?" - "The Duke's Children" by Anthony Trollope
  2. Lawrence reflected for a moment, and then he said: " What are your terms and arrangements for carrying on an affair of this kind?" - "The Late Mrs. Null" by Frank Richard Stockton

What does terms stand for?

Abbreviation TERMS means:

  1. Thalidomide Education and Risk Management System
  2. Transit Ephemeris Refinement and Monitoring Survey

Conjugate verb Terms


I would term
we would term
you would term
he/she/it would term
they would term


I will term
we will term
you will term
he/she/it will term
they will term


I will have termed
we will have termed
you will have termed
he/she/it will have termed
they will have termed


I termed
we termed
you termed
he/she/it termed
they termed


I had termed
we had termed
you had termed
he/she/it had termed
they had termed


I term
we term
you term
he/she/it terms
they term


I have termed
we have termed
you have termed
he/she/it has termed
they have termed
I am terming
we are terming
you are terming
he/she/it is terming
they are terming
I was terming
we were terming
you were terming
he/she/it was terming
they were terming
I will be terming
we will be terming
you will be terming
he/she/it will be terming
they will be terming
I have been terming
we have been terming
you have been terming
he/she/it has been terming
they have been terming
I had been terming
we had been terming
you had been terming
he/she/it had been terming
they had been terming
I will have been terming
we will have been terming
you will have been terming
he/she/it will have been terming
they will have been terming
I would have termed
we would have termed
you would have termed
he/she/it would have termed
they would have termed
I would be terming
we would be terming
you would be terming
he/she/it would be terming
they would be terming
I would have been terming
we would have been terming
you would have been terming
he/she/it would have been terming
they would have been terming