How Do You Spell THEN AGAIN?

Pronunciation: [ðˈɛn ɐɡˈɛn] (IPA)

The phrase "then again" is commonly used to introduce a contrasting opinion or fact. It is pronounced as /ðɛn əˈɡɛn/, with the stress on the second syllable. The spelling of the word is a combination of the adverb "then," meaning "at that time," and the adverb "again," meaning "once more." Together, the phrase indicates a return to a previous point or idea. While the spelling may seem straightforward, it can be tricky to use in the correct context to convey the intended meaning.

THEN AGAIN Meaning and Definition

  1. Then again is a phrase used to introduce a contrasting or opposite statement or point of view to a previous one. It serves as a transitional device to express a different perspective or to reconsider a previous idea. The phrase suggests a reconsideration or reappraisal of a previous thought or argument.

    In a literal sense, "then again" means to return to a topic after a digression or to look at it from a different perspective. It is often used in conversation or writing to introduce a contradictory viewpoint, argument, or an alternative possibility. It indicates a change of direction, indicating that the speaker is going back to the topic from a fresh angle.

    The phrase implies a sense of reevaluation, as if the speaker had initially considered one viewpoint and now proposes an alternative or counter-argument. It encourages the listener or reader to take a second look at the subject matter and consider new dimensions, possibilities, or limitations that may have been overlooked before. "Then again" prompts critical thinking and challenges assumptions made about a given topic.

    Overall, "then again" is a transitional phrase used to indicate a shift in perspective, leading to a new evaluation or contradictory statement, and it is commonly employed to introduce alternative ideas in conversations, debates, or writings.

Common Misspellings for THEN AGAIN

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Etymology of THEN AGAIN

The phrase "then again" is derived from Middle English and Old English.

The word "then" in Old English was "þonne", which also meant "at that time, on that occasion". It came from the Proto-Germanic word "thunno", meaning "then, at that time".

The word "again" in Old English was "āġēan", which meant "back, in reply, in return". It came from the Proto-Germanic word "aga-inan", meaning "against, back".

The combination of "then" and "again" gradually evolved over time to form the phrase "then again", which is used to introduce a contrasting or qualifying statement, or to present an alternative perspective.

Idioms with the word THEN AGAIN

  • there again, at then again The phrase "there again" or "then again" is an idiomatic expression used to introduce an alternative viewpoint or contrasting factor in a discussion or argument. It implies that the speaker is presenting an opposing or different perspective from the previous statement made or generally accepted idea. It is often used to highlight another aspect or consideration that may challenge or counterbalance the initial statement.
  • then again The idiom "then again" is used to introduce a contrasting or opposing viewpoint or idea that may contradict or provide an alternative perspective to a previous statement.

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