How Do You Spell THOMAS?

Pronunciation: [tˈɒməs] (IPA)

The spelling of the name "Thomas" is relatively straightforward when using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). It starts with the voiceless dental fricative /θ/, like the "th" in "think", followed by the low-mid back rounded vowel /ɔ/, as in "law". Next is the voiced alveolar stop /m/, like the "m" in "mother", and finally, the voiced dental fricative /z/, like the "z" in "zebra". Together, these four sounds create the familiar name "Thomas" spelled phonetically as /θɔməz/.

THOMAS Meaning and Definition

Thomas is a common masculine given name of Greek origin, derived from the Aramaic word "tōmā", meaning "twin". It has been used as a personal name for centuries in various cultures and languages. In the Bible, Thomas was an apostle of Jesus Christ, famously known as "Doubting Thomas" due to his initial skepticism regarding Jesus' resurrection. This has contributed to the name's usage as a metaphor for doubt or skepticism.

The name Thomas has retained its popularity globally, with variations in different languages. It is a timeless and classic name often chosen for boys, reflecting a sense of strength, reliability, and solidity. It exemplifies characteristics such as intelligence, thoughtfulness, and determination.

Furthermore, the name Thomas has the ability to adapt to different cultural contexts, appearing in various forms across the world. These variations include Tomas (Spanish and Portuguese), Tomasz (Polish), Tommaso (Italian), and Toma (Bulgarian and Russian), among others.

In addition to its personal usage, Thomas has also been adopted in other contexts, such as surnames (e.g., famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton's middle name was Thomas) and the aforementioned biblical figure. The name's wide and enduring popularity, along with its historical and cultural significance, contribute to its significance as a beloved and recognizable given name.

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Etymology of THOMAS

The name "Thomas" is of Greek origin and derives from the Aramaic name "Ta'oma" (תאמא), meaning "twin". This Aramaic name itself was borrowed from the Greek word "didymos" (δίδυμος), which also means "twin". In the New Testament of the Bible, Thomas was one of the twelve apostles and became famously known as "Doubting Thomas" due to his initial skepticism about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The name "Thomas" has since been widely used in various cultures and has evolved differently in different languages.

Idioms with the word THOMAS

  • a doubting Thomas The idiom "a doubting Thomas" refers to a person who is skeptical or hesitant to believe something without sufficient evidence or proof. It is derived from the biblical story of Thomas, who doubted Jesus' resurrection until he saw proof for himself. Thus, it commonly describes someone who is reluctant to take things at face value and requires concrete evidence before accepting or believing something.
  • doubting Thomas The idiom "doubting Thomas" refers to a person who is skeptical or doesn't easily believe something without evidence or proof. It originates from the biblical story of Thomas the Apostle, who doubted Jesus' resurrection until he saw proof of it himself.

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