How Do You Spell THRIVE?

Pronunciation: [θɹˈa͡ɪv] (IPA)

The word "thrive" is spelled with a "th" at the beginning because it is a voiceless dental fricative sound, represented by the IPA symbol /θ/. This sound is made by placing the tip of the tongue behind the upper front teeth and blowing air out. The "r" in "thrive" is an rhotic consonant, represented by the IPA symbol /r/, which is pronounced with the back of the tongue lifted towards the hard palate. With its strong "v" and "r" sounds, "thrive" denotes growth, success, and prosperity.

THRIVE Meaning and Definition

  1. Thrive, verb:

    1. To prosper, flourish, or grow vigorously; to achieve success or make steady progress.

    Example: The young entrepreneur’s business thrived and expanded rapidly in its first year.

    2. To develop or progress in a healthy and favorable manner; to be in a state of thriving or well-being.

    Example: With proper care and attention, the plants in the garden thrived and produced abundant flowers.

    3. To thrive on something; to derive strength, energy, or motivation from a particular source.

    Example: She thrives on competition and always performs at her best when faced with a challenge.

    4. To exist or live with vitality; to flourish or be successful in a specified environment, condition, or situation.

    Example: Tropical plants thrive in a warm and humid climate.

    5. To be in a state of continual growth or expansion, often through favorable circumstances.

    Example: The company thrived during the economic boom, steadily increasing its market share and profitability.

    6. To be in a state of abundance or plenty; to experience ample or abundant resources or opportunities.

    Example: The community center thrived due to the generous donations and dedicated volunteers.

    In summary, thrive encompasses the idea of flourishing, achieving success, or making steady progress in various aspects of life, ranging from personal growth and well-being to business or environmental conditions. It emphasizes a state of vitality, prosperity, and favorable circumstances that contribute to the overall development, strength, and success of individuals, entities, or ecosystems.

  2. To prosper, particularly by economical and good management; to increase in goods and property; to flourish; to grow.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of THRIVE

The word "thrive" originated from the Old Norse word "þrīfask" (pronounced thrifask), which means "to grasp for oneself". It is a combination of the prefix "þri-" meaning "to grasp" and the reflexive suffix "-fask" indicating "self" or "oneself". The Old Norse word "þrífa" can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "*thribaną", which means "to seize" or "to grip". Over time, it evolved into Middle English and eventually became the word "thrive" in modern English.

Idioms with the word THRIVE

  • thrive (up)on sth The idiom "thrive (up)on something" means to gain strength, energy, or success from a particular thing or situation. It suggests that someone or something not only manages to cope with the thing or situation but also excels or prospers because of it.
  • failure to thrive

Similar spelling words for THRIVE

Conjugate verb Thrive


I would have thriven; thrived
you would have thriven; thrived
he/she/it would have thriven; thrived
we would have thriven; thrived
they would have thriven; thrived
I would have thrive
you would have thrive
he/she/it would have thrive
we would have thrive
they would have thrive


I would have been thriving
you would have been thriving
he/she/it would have been thriving
we would have been thriving
they would have been thriving


I would thrive
you would thrive
he/she/it would thrive
we would thrive
they would thrive


I would be thriving
you would be thriving
he/she/it would be thriving
we would be thriving
they would be thriving


I will thrive
you will thrive
he/she/it will thrive
we will thrive
they will thrive


I will be thriving
you will be thriving
he/she/it will be thriving
we will be thriving
they will be thriving


I will have thriven; thrived
you will have thriven; thrived
he/she/it will have thriven; thrived
we will have thriven; thrived
they will have thriven; thrived
I will have thrived
you will have thrived
he/she/it will have thrived
we will have thrived
they will have thrived


I will have been thriving
you will have been thriving
he/she/it will have been thriving
we will have been thriving
they will have been thriving


you thrive
we let´s thrive


to thrive


I thrived
you thrived
he/she/it thrived
we thrived
they thrived


I was thriving
you were thriving
he/she/it was thriving
we were thriving
they were thriving


thriven; thrived


I had thriven; thrived
you had thriven; thrived
he/she/it had thriven; thrived
we had thriven; thrived
they had thriven; thrived
I had thrived
you had thrived
he/she/it had thrived
we had thrived
they had thrived


I had been thriving
you had been thriving
he/she/it had been thriving
we had been thriving
they had been thriving


I thrive
you thrive
he/she/it thrives
we thrive
they thrive


I am thriving
you are thriving
he/she/it is thriving
we are thriving
they are thriving




I have thriven; thrived
you have thriven; thrived
he/she/it has thriven; thrived
we have thriven; thrived
they have thriven; thrived
I have thrived
you have thrived
he/she/it has thrived
we have thrived
they have thrived


I have been thriving
you have been thriving
he/she/it has been thriving
we have been thriving
they have been thriving


he/she/it thrive


I throve; thrived
you throve; thrived
he/she/it throve; thrived
we throve; thrived
they throve; thrived
I would have thrived
we would have thrived
you would have thrived
he/she/it would have thrived
they would have thrived