How Do You Spell TIEF?

The German word "tief" means "deep" in English. It is spelled with the letters T-I-E-F and pronounced as [tiːf] in IPA phonetic transcription. The letter "I" in "tief" is pronounced as a long vowel [iː], and the letter "E" is pronounced as [f]. It is important to note that in German, the pronunciation of the letter "I" varies depending on its position in the word. When "I" is followed by a consonant, it is pronounced as a short vowel [ɪ].

Common Misspellings for TIEF

  • 6ief
  • t9ef
  • t8ef
  • ti3f
  • ytief
  • 6tief
  • t6ief
  • 5tief
  • t5ief
  • tiuef
  • tijef
  • tkief
  • tikef
  • toief
  • t9ief
  • ti9ef
  • t8ief
  • ti8ef
  • tiewf
  • ti4ef
  • tie4f
  • ti3ef
  • tie3f
  • tiefv
  • tiefg
  • ttief
  • tieff
  • t ief
  • ti ef
  • tie f

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