How Do You Spell TIFANY?

Pronunciation: [tˈɪfəni] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the popular name "Tifany" is actually "Tiffany." The IPA phonetic transcription for this term is /ˈtɪfəni/. The stress falls on the second syllable, where the vowel "i" is pronounced as "ɪ." The first syllable "tif" is pronounced with a soft "t" sound, followed by a short "i" sound. The second syllable "fa" is pronounced with a long "e" sound. The final syllable "ny" is pronounced as "ni," with a short "i" sound.

Common Misspellings for TIFANY

  • tiffaney
  • tifanny
  • tiffany
  • tyffany
  • tiffani
  • tifanie
  • Tiphany
  • rifany
  • fifany
  • gifany
  • yifany
  • 6ifany
  • 5ifany
  • tufany
  • tjfany
  • tkfany
  • tofany
  • t9fany
  • t8fany
  • tidany

Etymology of TIFANY

The word "Tifany" appears to be a misspelling or variant of the name "Tiffany". The etymology of the name Tiffany can be traced back to medieval England. It originated as a form of the female given name Theophania, which is derived from the Greek words "theos" meaning "god" and "phainein" meaning "to appear". The name Theophania was often given to girls born on the feast day of Epiphany, celebrating the revelation of Jesus Christ to the Magi. Over time, the name evolved into different spellings and variations, including Tiffany.

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