How Do You Spell TINGES?

The word "tinges" is spelled /ˈtɪndʒɪz/ and is a verb meaning to tint or color. The pronunciation of the word is "TING-jiz" with the stress on the first syllable. The spelling can be tricky as the final letter is "es," which can lead to confusion about whether it should be pronounced or not. However, the correct pronunciation includes the "es" sound. Remember that when adding "es" to verbs that end in "dge" or "tch," the "e" is not dropped, leading to the "es" ending.

Common Misspellings for TINGES

39 words made out of letters TINGES

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Conjugate verb Tinges


I would tinge
we would tinge
you would tinge
he/she/it would tinge
they would tinge


I will tinge
we will tinge
you will tinge
he/she/it will tinge
they will tinge


I will have tinged
we will have tinged
you will have tinged
he/she/it will have tinged
they will have tinged


I tinged
we tinged
you tinged
he/she/it tinged
they tinged


I had tinged
we had tinged
you had tinged
he/she/it had tinged
they had tinged


I tinge
we tinge
you tinge
he/she/it tinges
they tinge


I have tinged
we have tinged
you have tinged
he/she/it has tinged
they have tinged
I am tinging
we are tinging
you are tinging
he/she/it is tinging
they are tinging
I was tinging
we were tinging
you were tinging
he/she/it was tinging
they were tinging
I will be tinging
we will be tinging
you will be tinging
he/she/it will be tinging
they will be tinging
I have been tinging
we have been tinging
you have been tinging
he/she/it has been tinging
they have been tinging
I had been tinging
we had been tinging
you had been tinging
he/she/it had been tinging
they had been tinging
I will have been tinging
we will have been tinging
you will have been tinging
he/she/it will have been tinging
they will have been tinging
I would have tinged
we would have tinged
you would have tinged
he/she/it would have tinged
they would have tinged
I would be tinging
we would be tinging
you would be tinging
he/she/it would be tinging
they would be tinging
I would have been tinging
we would have been tinging
you would have been tinging
he/she/it would have been tinging
they would have been tinging


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