How Do You Spell TINS?

Correct spelling for the English word "TINS" is [t_ˈɪ_n_z], [tˈɪnz], [tˈɪnz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for TINS

Below is the list of 221 misspellings for the word "tins".

Anagrams of TINS

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Usage Examples for TINS

  1. When they are done, they will shrink a little from the sides of the tins. - "Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry Cakes, and Sweetmeats" by Miss Leslie
  2. The things in tins were bad when we opened them. - "Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3" by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds

What does TINS stand for?

Abbreviation TINS means:

  1. Thermal Imaging Navigation System
  2. Trends in Neurosciences

Conjugate verb Tins


I would tin
we would tin
you would tin
he/she/it would tin
they would tin


I will tin
we will tin
you will tin
he/she/it will tin
they will tin


I will have tinned
we will have tinned
you will have tinned
he/she/it will have tinned
they will have tinned


I tinned
we tinned
you tinned
he/she/it tinned
they tinned


I had tinned
we had tinned
you had tinned
he/she/it had tinned
they had tinned


I tin
we tin
you tin
he/she/it tins
they tin


I have tinned
we have tinned
you have tinned
he/she/it has tinned
they have tinned
I am tinning
we are tinning
you are tinning
he/she/it is tinning
they are tinning
I was tinning
we were tinning
you were tinning
he/she/it was tinning
they were tinning
I will be tinning
we will be tinning
you will be tinning
he/she/it will be tinning
they will be tinning
I have been tinning
we have been tinning
you have been tinning
he/she/it has been tinning
they have been tinning
I had been tinning
we had been tinning
you had been tinning
he/she/it had been tinning
they had been tinning
I will have been tinning
we will have been tinning
you will have been tinning
he/she/it will have been tinning
they will have been tinning
I would have tinned
we would have tinned
you would have tinned
he/she/it would have tinned
they would have tinned
I would be tinning
we would be tinning
you would be tinning
he/she/it would be tinning
they would be tinning
I would have been tinning
we would have been tinning
you would have been tinning
he/she/it would have been tinning
they would have been tinning