How Do You Spell TINTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "tints" is [tˈɪnts], [tˈɪnts], [t_ˈɪ_n_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for TINTS

Below is the list of 120 misspellings for the word "tints".

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Anagrams of TINTS

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Usage Examples for TINTS

  1. They are more uniform in aspect than sedimentary strata, because these last are often composed of fragments varying greatly in form, size, and colour, and contain fossils of different shapes and mineral composition, and acquire a variety of tints from the mixture of various kinds of sediment. - "The Student's Elements of Geology" by Sir Charles Lyell
  2. The flesh tints are very pale, and the shadows a silvery grey, and the whole tone is much lighter than in any of the preceding pictures. - "Luca Signorelli" by Maud Cruttwell

Conjugate verb Tints


I would tint
we would tint
you would tint
he/she/it would tint
they would tint


I will tint
we will tint
you will tint
he/she/it will tint
they will tint


I will have tinted
we will have tinted
you will have tinted
he/she/it will have tinted
they will have tinted


I tinted
we tinted
you tinted
he/she/it tinted
they tinted


I had tinted
we had tinted
you had tinted
he/she/it had tinted
they had tinted


I tint
we tint
you tint
he/she/it tints
they tint


I have tinted
we have tinted
you have tinted
he/she/it has tinted
they have tinted
I am tinting
we are tinting
you are tinting
he/she/it is tinting
they are tinting
I was tinting
we were tinting
you were tinting
he/she/it was tinting
they were tinting
I will be tinting
we will be tinting
you will be tinting
he/she/it will be tinting
they will be tinting
I have been tinting
we have been tinting
you have been tinting
he/she/it has been tinting
they have been tinting
I had been tinting
we had been tinting
you had been tinting
he/she/it had been tinting
they had been tinting
I will have been tinting
we will have been tinting
you will have been tinting
he/she/it will have been tinting
they will have been tinting
I would have tinted
we would have tinted
you would have tinted
he/she/it would have tinted
they would have tinted
I would be tinting
we would be tinting
you would be tinting
he/she/it would be tinting
they would be tinting
I would have been tinting
we would have been tinting
you would have been tinting
he/she/it would have been tinting
they would have been tinting