How Do You Spell TITULARIES?

The word titularies is spelled with a "t-i-t-u-l-a-r-i-e-s." The IPA transcription for this word is /tɪtʃʊlɛrɪz/. This word means holding a title or office without being involved in its actual duties. It is derived from the Latin word "titulus" meaning title. The word is commonly used in academic or bureaucratic settings where individuals hold a title without necessarily possessing the responsibilities associated with it. Despite its length, the word titularies is relatively easy to spell once the correct pronunciation is memorized.

Common Misspellings for TITULARIES

  • ritularies
  • fitularies
  • gitularies
  • yitularies
  • 6itularies
  • 5itularies
  • tutularies
  • tjtularies
  • tktularies
  • totularies
  • t9tularies
  • t8tularies
  • tirularies
  • tifularies
  • tigularies
  • tiyularies
  • ti6ularies
  • ti5ularies
  • titylaries
  • tithlaries

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