How Do You Spell TO HARBOR?

The correct spelling of the word "harbor" can be explained using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The first sound is "h", followed by a short "a" sound represented by the symbol /æ/. The next sound is an "r" sound represented by /r/. The second syllable starts with a long "o" sound represented by /oʊ/ and finishes with a "b" sound and silent "r". The entire word can be transcribed as /ˈhɑːrbər/. So, next time you write or say "harbor", use this phonetic transcription to ensure its correct spelling!

Common Misspellings for TO HARBOR

  • ro harbor
  • fo harbor
  • go harbor
  • yo harbor
  • 6o harbor
  • 5o harbor
  • ti harbor
  • tk harbor
  • tl harbor
  • tp harbor
  • t0 harbor
  • t9 harbor
  • to garbor
  • to barbor
  • to narbor
  • to jarbor
  • to uarbor
  • to yarbor
  • to hzrbor
  • to hsrbor

3 words made out of letters TO HARBOR

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