How Do You Spell TO HAVE?

The word "TO HAVE" is spelled with the letters T-O-H-A-V-E. In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), it is transcribed as tʊ hæv. The first sound is a short "uh" sound, followed by a "h" sound pronounced with an exhalation of breath. The next sound is a short "a" as in "cat," followed by a "v" sound made with the upper teeth against the lower lip. The word "TO HAVE" is a common phrase in the English language and is often used as an auxiliary verb in various tenses.

Common Misspellings for TO HAVE

  • ro have
  • fo have
  • go have
  • yo have
  • 6o have
  • 5o have
  • ti have
  • tk have
  • tl have
  • tp have
  • t0 have
  • t9 have
  • to gave
  • to bave
  • to nave
  • to jave
  • to uave
  • to yave
  • to hzve
  • to hsve

11 words made out of letters TO HAVE

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