How Do You Spell TO HOLD?

The spelling of the word "to hold" is quite straightforward. The initial sound is the voiceless dental fricative /ð/, followed by the diphthong /oʊ/, which consists of the mid-back rounded vowel /o/ and the high-back rounded vowel /ʊ/. The final consonant cluster is /ld/, pronounced as a single syllable. The final vowel is not pronounced as it marks the infinitive form. The IPA transcription of "to hold" is /təʊ həʊld/.

Common Misspellings for TO HOLD

  • ro hold
  • fo hold
  • go hold
  • yo hold
  • 6o hold
  • 5o hold
  • ti hold
  • tk hold
  • tl hold
  • tp hold
  • t0 hold
  • t9 hold
  • to gold
  • to bold
  • to nold
  • to jold
  • to uold
  • to yold
  • to hild
  • to hkld

9 words made out of letters TO HOLD

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