How Do You Spell TOAST?

Pronunciation: [tˈə͡ʊst] (IPA)

The word "toast" is spelled as /toʊst/ in the IPA phonetic transcription. The first sound, /t/, is a voiceless alveolar stop. The second sound, /oʊ/, is a diphthong consisting of the open-mid back rounded vowel /o/ and the glide /ʊ/. The third sound, /s/, is a voiceless alveolar fricative. The final sound, /t/, is also a voiceless alveolar stop. The spelling of "toast" follows the rules of English orthography, which can often be tricky for non-native speakers to master.

TOAST Meaning and Definition

Toast can refer to multiple things depending on the context. It can be both a noun and a verb. As a noun, toast commonly refers to a slice of bread that has been browned by exposure to heat, usually through a toaster or a grill. It is typically eaten as a breakfast food or as a base for toppings like butter, jam, or avocado. Additionally, toast can also refer to a formal act of raising and quickly drinking to honor or celebrate someone or something, typically accompanied by a short speech or a few words of goodwill.

As a verb, to toast means to heat and brown bread, usually using a toaster, grill, or an open flame. It can also mean to warm or dry something before a fire, like cheese on top of a dish. Furthermore, to toast can refer to the act of drinking to the health, welfare, or success of someone or something by raising and clinking glasses filled with alcoholic beverages, often accompanied by a short speech or expression of good wishes.

Toast has a long history, playing a significant role not only as a culinary item but also as a cultural gesture. Whether referring to a slice of bread or an expression of goodwill, toast remains a versatile word that encompasses both a basic food item and a symbolic act of celebration.

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Etymology of TOAST

The word "toast" has an interesting etymology that traces back to ancient Rome and the Latin language. In ancient Rome, it was customary to add a piece of spiced or charred bread to wine to enhance the flavor. This practice was called "tostus", which is derived from the Latin verb "torrere", meaning "to parch" or "to roast".

Over time, "tostus" evolved into "tosta" in Medieval Latin, and then made its way into Old French as "tostee". It eventually entered the English language in the 14th century as "toast". Originally, "toast" referred specifically to the piece of bread used to flavor wine, but it later came to mean any bread that has been heated or browned.

The modern meaning of "toast" as a tribute or a celebratory ritual dates back to the 16th century.

Idioms with the word TOAST

  • the toast of sth The idiom "the toast of sth" refers to someone or something that is widely celebrated, admired, or regarded with great acclaim and popularity in a particular context or setting. It implies that the person or thing mentioned is highly praised and respected by others.
  • the toast of smw
  • be the toast of sb The idiom "be the toast of sb" means to be celebrated, praised, or admired by someone or a group of people. It implies that an individual or an accomplishment has gained widespread recognition and approval, resulting in being popular or highly regarded among others. Being the "toast" signifies being the subject of a toast or a public expression of admiration and goodwill.
  • propose a toast The idiom "propose a toast" means to offer a tribute or express good wishes, typically at a social gathering, by raising a drink to honor or celebrate someone or something. It involves making a public statement and inviting others to join in by raising their glasses and drinking in acknowledgment or support.
  • be the toast of (the town) The idiom "be the toast of (the town)" refers to being the center of attention or admiration in a particular community or social circle. It means that someone has gained widespread recognition, popularity, and praise, making them highly celebrated or admired by others.

Similar spelling words for TOAST

Plural form of TOAST is TOASTS

Conjugate verb Toast


I would have toasted
you would have toasted
he/she/it would have toasted
we would have toasted
they would have toasted
I would have toast
you would have toast
he/she/it would have toast
we would have toast
they would have toast


I would have been toasting
you would have been toasting
he/she/it would have been toasting
we would have been toasting
they would have been toasting


I would toast
you would toast
he/she/it would toast
we would toast
they would toast


I would be toasting
you would be toasting
he/she/it would be toasting
we would be toasting
they would be toasting


I will toast
you will toast
he/she/it will toast
we will toast
they will toast


I will be toasting
you will be toasting
he/she/it will be toasting
we will be toasting
they will be toasting


I will have toasted
you will have toasted
he/she/it will have toasted
we will have toasted
they will have toasted


I will have been toasting
you will have been toasting
he/she/it will have been toasting
we will have been toasting
they will have been toasting


you toast
we let´s toast


to toast


I was toasting
you were toasting
he/she/it was toasting
we were toasting
they were toasting




I had toasted
you had toasted
he/she/it had toasted
we had toasted
they had toasted


I had been toasting
you had been toasting
he/she/it had been toasting
we had been toasting
they had been toasting


I toast
you toast
he/she/it toasts
we toast
they toast


I am toasting
you are toasting
he/she/it is toasting
we are toasting
they are toasting




I have toasted
you have toasted
he/she/it has toasted
we have toasted
they have toasted


I have been toasting
you have been toasting
he/she/it has been toasting
we have been toasting
they have been toasting


he/she/it toast


I toasted
you toasted
he/she/it toasted
we toasted
they toasted


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