How Do You Spell TOGS?

The word "togs" may cause confusion when it comes to spelling. Its pronunciation is often different from its written form. The phonetic transcription of "togs" is /tɒɡz/, which tells us that it is pronounced with a short "o" sound and a "z" at the end. This word is commonly used to refer to clothing or apparel, specifically informal or sporty attire. Remember, the spelling is "t-o-g-s," not "t-a-u-g-h-s."

Common Misspellings for TOGS

Similar spelling words for TOGS

Plural form of TOGS is TOGS

12 words made out of letters TOGS

2 letters

3 letters

4 letters

Conjugate verb Togs


I would tog
we would tog
you would tog
he/she/it would tog
they would tog


I will tog
we will tog
you will tog
he/she/it will tog
they will tog


I will have togged
we will have togged
you will have togged
he/she/it will have togged
they will have togged


I togged
we togged
you togged
he/she/it togged
they togged


I had togged
we had togged
you had togged
he/she/it had togged
they had togged


I tog
we tog
you tog
he/she/it togs
they tog


I have togged
we have togged
you have togged
he/she/it has togged
they have togged
I am togging
we are togging
you are togging
he/she/it is togging
they are togging
I was togging
we were togging
you were togging
he/she/it was togging
they were togging
I will be togging
we will be togging
you will be togging
he/she/it will be togging
they will be togging
I have been togging
we have been togging
you have been togging
he/she/it has been togging
they have been togging
I had been togging
we had been togging
you had been togging
he/she/it had been togging
they had been togging
I will have been togging
we will have been togging
you will have been togging
he/she/it will have been togging
they will have been togging
I would have togged
we would have togged
you would have togged
he/she/it would have togged
they would have togged
I would be togging
we would be togging
you would be togging
he/she/it would be togging
they would be togging
I would have been togging
we would have been togging
you would have been togging
he/she/it would have been togging
they would have been togging


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