How Do You Spell TOIL?

Pronunciation: [tˈɔ͡ɪl] (IPA)

The word "toil" is spelled with the letters T-O-I-L. The first sound is the voiceless dental fricative /θ/, formed by placing the tongue between the teeth and blowing air out. The second sound is the low back rounded vowel /ɔ/, formed by rounding the lips and lowering the tongue in the back of the mouth. The third sound is the voiced alveolar lateral approximant /l/, formed by touching the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth behind the teeth and allowing air to pass around the sides of the tongue.

TOIL Meaning and Definition

Toil is a verb that describes enduring difficult or exhausting physical or mental labor in order to achieve a goal or complete a task. It is marked by intense effort and persistence, often involving hardship or exertion. Toil can encompass a wide range of activities, including manual labor, intellectual work, or any activity that demands significant exertion.

The term is commonly associated with arduous and repetitive tasks that require a great deal of effort or stamina. Toil implies a prolonged and demanding struggle, often with little respite or immediate reward. It suggests a sense of dedication and determination to persevere in the face of obstacles or adversity.

Toil can be used to describe both physical and mental labor. It can involve tasks such as digging ditches, working in factories, or tilling fields, as well as mentally demanding activities like problem-solving, researching, or studying. The notion of toil suggests a committed and sustained effort, often resulting in weariness and fatigue.

In summary, toil refers to the arduous and persistent effort expended in the pursuit of a specific objective or the completion of a task. It encompasses physical or mental labor that demands significant exertion, often involving long hours of intense work. Toil connotes a sense of endurance, hardship, and dedication in the face of challenges and difficulties.

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Etymology of TOIL

The word "toil" originated from the Old French term "toillier" or "touillier", derived from the Latin word "tudiculare", meaning "to stir or work with a tool". It then evolved to the Middle English word "toilen" or "toyllen", which referred to laborious work or effort. Over time, the meaning of "toil" expanded to encompass any kind of arduous physical or mental exertion.

Idioms with the word TOIL

  • toil up sth The idiom "toil up something" means to exert a great deal of effort or labor in order to ascend or climb something, typically a steep or difficult incline. It implies hard work, struggle, and perseverance to reach a higher point or destination.
  • toil over sm or sth The idiom "toil over something" means to work strenuously and exert a great deal of effort and energy in order to accomplish or complete something. It implies a sense of dedication, perseverance, and commitment to achieving a desired outcome, often involving mental or physical exertion.
  • toil for sth The idiom "toil for sth" refers to working extremely hard and exerting a great amount of effort in order to achieve or obtain something. It implies dedicated, laborious work done with persistence and determination to reach a specific goal.
  • toil for sm The idiom "toil for someone" means to work diligently and tirelessly on behalf of someone else, often without receiving any recognition, appreciation, or reward in return. It implies going through a great deal of effort and labor to fulfill the needs or requirements of another person.

Similar spelling words for TOIL

Conjugate verb Toil


I would have toiled
you would have toiled
he/she/it would have toiled
we would have toiled
they would have toiled
I would have toil
you would have toil
he/she/it would have toil
we would have toil
they would have toil


I would have been toiling
you would have been toiling
he/she/it would have been toiling
we would have been toiling
they would have been toiling


I would toil
you would toil
he/she/it would toil
we would toil
they would toil


I would be toiling
you would be toiling
he/she/it would be toiling
we would be toiling
they would be toiling


I will toil
you will toil
he/she/it will toil
we will toil
they will toil


I will be toiling
you will be toiling
he/she/it will be toiling
we will be toiling
they will be toiling


I will have toiled
you will have toiled
he/she/it will have toiled
we will have toiled
they will have toiled


I will have been toiling
you will have been toiling
he/she/it will have been toiling
we will have been toiling
they will have been toiling


you toil
we let´s toil


to toil


I was toiling
you were toiling
he/she/it was toiling
we were toiling
they were toiling




I had toiled
you had toiled
he/she/it had toiled
we had toiled
they had toiled


I had been toiling
you had been toiling
he/she/it had been toiling
we had been toiling
they had been toiling


I toil
you toil
he/she/it toils
we toil
they toil


I am toiling
you are toiling
he/she/it is toiling
we are toiling
they are toiling




I have toiled
you have toiled
he/she/it has toiled
we have toiled
they have toiled


I have been toiling
you have been toiling
he/she/it has been toiling
we have been toiling
they have been toiling


he/she/it toil


I toiled
you toiled
he/she/it toiled
we toiled
they toiled


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