How Do You Spell TOILED?

Pronunciation: [tˈɔ͡ɪld] (IPA)

Toiled is spelled as /tɔɪld/, with two syllables and pronounced as TOYLD. It is the past tense of the verb "toil," which means to work hard and continuously, often with little reward. The "oi" vowel combination is commonly used in English to represent the sound of /ɔɪ/. The letters "ed" at the end indicate that the action of toiling has already happened in the past. Proper spelling is important in written language as it can affect the clarity of communication.

TOILED Meaning and Definition

  1. Toiled is a verb that refers to engaging in physically demanding and laborious work or exerting great effort in order to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. The term is associated with strenuous and exhausting activities, typically involving prolonged expenditure of energy or undergoing hardship and fatigue.

    When someone toils, they are dedicating themselves to intense labor and putting in considerable time and effort, often with little respite or personal gain. This term showcases the arduous nature of the work, highlighting the difficulties and challenges encountered during the process. Toiling implies a sense of perseverance and determination, as individuals push through obstacles and adversity to achieve their objectives.

    Toiled is commonly used to describe manual laborers, such as farmers toiling in the fields, factory workers toiling on assembly lines, or construction workers toiling on building sites. However, it can also be applied to mental exertion, such as when scholars toil over complex theories, writers toil over their craft, or scientists toil in laboratories conducting experiments.

    In summary, toiled embodies the exertion of great effort and energy, often involving hard physical or mental labor, in order to complete a task or achieve a specific outcome. It signifies a laborious and demanding process that requires perseverance, determination, and resilience to overcome challenges along the way.

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Etymology of TOILED

The word "toiled" is derived from the Middle English term "toilen", which originated from the Old French word "toillier" meaning "to weave". This Old French root can be traced back to the Latin word "tela", meaning "web" or "cloth". Over time, the meaning of the word "toil" expanded to include the sense of laboring or working strenuously, reflecting the notion of the repetitive and arduous nature of weaving.

Conjugate verb Toiled


I would toil
we would toil
you would toil
he/she/it would toil
they would toil


I will toil
we will toil
you will toil
he/she/it will toil
they will toil


I will have toiled
we will have toiled
you will have toiled
he/she/it will have toiled
they will have toiled


I toiled
we toiled
you toiled
he/she/it toiled
they toiled


I had toiled
we had toiled
you had toiled
he/she/it had toiled
they had toiled


I toil
we toil
you toil
he/she/it toils
they toil


I have toiled
we have toiled
you have toiled
he/she/it has toiled
they have toiled
I am toiling
we are toiling
you are toiling
he/she/it is toiling
they are toiling
I was toiling
we were toiling
you were toiling
he/she/it was toiling
they were toiling
I will be toiling
we will be toiling
you will be toiling
he/she/it will be toiling
they will be toiling
I have been toiling
we have been toiling
you have been toiling
he/she/it has been toiling
they have been toiling
I had been toiling
we had been toiling
you had been toiling
he/she/it had been toiling
they had been toiling
I will have been toiling
we will have been toiling
you will have been toiling
he/she/it will have been toiling
they will have been toiling
I would have toiled
we would have toiled
you would have toiled
he/she/it would have toiled
they would have toiled
I would be toiling
we would be toiling
you would be toiling
he/she/it would be toiling
they would be toiling
I would have been toiling
we would have been toiling
you would have been toiling
he/she/it would have been toiling
they would have been toiling


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