How Do You Spell TOLLED?

Pronunciation: [tˈə͡ʊld] (IPA)

The word "Tolled" is spelled with two letter L's, despite the sound that the word makes being pronounced with only one L sound. This can be explained through its IPA phonetic transcription, which reads as /təʊld/; the "əʊ" sound is a diphthong made up of the vowel sounds "oh" and "w", and the final "d" sound is lengthened by the presence of the second L in the spelling. Thus, "Tolled" is spelled as such to accurately reflect its pronunciation in English.

TOLLED Meaning and Definition

  1. Tolled is a verb that originates from the word "toll," which refers to a fee or charge, usually imposed for the use of a specific service or facility. When something has "tolled," it typically means that it has rung or sounded in a slow, solemn manner. This definition is commonly associated with bells, such as church bells or funeral bells, which are tolled to convey important messages or mark significant events.

    Additionally, "tolled" can take on a more metaphorical meaning when used in a broader context. It can signify the passage of time, often associated with mournful or reflective periods. For instance, a solemn tolling of the bells might be used to commemorate a national tragedy or pay tribute to those who have passed away.

    Furthermore, "tolled" can also be used to describe the extension or suspension of a deadline or statute of limitations. In this context, it implies that a specific period of time has been paused or prolonged.

    Overall, "tolled" frequently entails a sense of seriousness, reverence, or commemoration. It conveys the notion of a deliberate and measured sound or the alteration of time periods. The various meanings of "tolled" allow it to capture both the literal and metaphorical aspects associated with the ringing of bells and the passing of time.

  2. Rung, as a bell.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of TOLLED

The word "tolled" is derived from the Old English verb "tollian", which meant "to ring a bell". This Old English word ultimately comes from the Proto-Germanic root word "tullōną", also meaning "to ring a bell". It is related to other Germanic languages, such as Old High German "zollōn" and Old Norse "tolla". Over time, the meaning of "toll" expanded to include other forms of signaling or making repeated sounds, including tolling a bell to announce a death or sounding a bell to mark the passage of time.

Conjugate verb Tolled


I would toll
we would toll
you would toll
he/she/it would toll
they would toll


I will toll
we will toll
you will toll
he/she/it will toll
they will toll


I will have tolled
we will have tolled
you will have tolled
he/she/it will have tolled
they will have tolled


I tolled
we tolled
you tolled
he/she/it tolled
they tolled


I had tolled
we had tolled
you had tolled
he/she/it had tolled
they had tolled


I toll
we toll
you toll
he/she/it tolls
they toll


I have tolled
we have tolled
you have tolled
he/she/it has tolled
they have tolled
I am tolling
we are tolling
you are tolling
he/she/it is tolling
they are tolling
I was tolling
we were tolling
you were tolling
he/she/it was tolling
they were tolling
I will be tolling
we will be tolling
you will be tolling
he/she/it will be tolling
they will be tolling
I have been tolling
we have been tolling
you have been tolling
he/she/it has been tolling
they have been tolling
I had been tolling
we had been tolling
you had been tolling
he/she/it had been tolling
they had been tolling
I will have been tolling
we will have been tolling
you will have been tolling
he/she/it will have been tolling
they will have been tolling
I would have tolled
we would have tolled
you would have tolled
he/she/it would have tolled
they would have tolled
I would be tolling
we would be tolling
you would be tolling
he/she/it would be tolling
they would be tolling
I would have been tolling
we would have been tolling
you would have been tolling
he/she/it would have been tolling
they would have been tolling


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