How Do You Spell TOOTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "toots" is [tˈuːts], [tˈuːts], [t_ˈuː_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for TOOTS

Below is the list of 168 misspellings for the word "toots".

Similar spelling word for TOOTS

Plural form of TOOTS is TOOTSES

Anagrams of TOOTS

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3 letters

Usage Examples for TOOTS

  1. Mr. Toots, looking doubtfully at Paul, said he didn't know about that. - "The World's Greatest Books, Vol III" by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.
  2. But now the Robert O gave two impatient toots. - "The Adventures of Bobby Orde" by Stewart Edward White

Conjugate verb Toots


I would toot
we would toot
you would toot
he/she/it would toot
they would toot


I will toot
we will toot
you will toot
he/she/it will toot
they will toot


I will have tooted
we will have tooted
you will have tooted
he/she/it will have tooted
they will have tooted


I tooted
we tooted
you tooted
he/she/it tooted
they tooted


I had tooted
we had tooted
you had tooted
he/she/it had tooted
they had tooted


I toot
we toot
you toot
he/she/it toots
they toot


I have tooted
we have tooted
you have tooted
he/she/it has tooted
they have tooted
I am tooting
we are tooting
you are tooting
he/she/it is tooting
they are tooting
I was tooting
we were tooting
you were tooting
he/she/it was tooting
they were tooting
I will be tooting
we will be tooting
you will be tooting
he/she/it will be tooting
they will be tooting
I have been tooting
we have been tooting
you have been tooting
he/she/it has been tooting
they have been tooting
I had been tooting
we had been tooting
you had been tooting
he/she/it had been tooting
they had been tooting
I will have been tooting
we will have been tooting
you will have been tooting
he/she/it will have been tooting
they will have been tooting
I would have tooted
we would have tooted
you would have tooted
he/she/it would have tooted
they would have tooted
I would be tooting
we would be tooting
you would be tooting
he/she/it would be tooting
they would be tooting
I would have been tooting
we would have been tooting
you would have been tooting
he/she/it would have been tooting
they would have been tooting