How Do You Spell TOPER?

Pronunciation: [tˈə͡ʊpə] (IPA)

The word "toper" is spelled with four letters and is pronounced /ˈtoʊ.pər/. The IPA phonetic transcription shows that the first syllable is pronounced with a long "o" sound followed by a short "o" sound. The second syllable is pronounced with a short "e" sound and an "r" sound at the end. This word is a noun that refers to a person who is frequently or habitually drunk. The spelling of the word is straightforward and easy to remember.

TOPER Meaning and Definition

A toper is a noun commonly used to describe a person who habitually drinks alcohol to excess or indulges in heavy drinking. The term typically carries a connotation of a habitual and excessive drinker rather than a casual or occasional one. Often, a toper is characterized by his or her fondness for drinking and a persistent pursuit of liquor, which has become a central aspect of their lifestyle.

The behaviors and traits associated with a toper often include regular and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, impaired judgment, a high tolerance for alcohol, and being frequently intoxicated. A toper may exhibit symptoms of dependency on alcohol, such as cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and an inability to control or stop drinking.

The term "toper" is rooted in the Middle English word "top." Originally, the term referred to a type of drinking vessel with a narrow spout or lid, specifically used for alcoholic drinks. Over time, the meaning of "toper" evolved to describe a person who drank from such a vessel. It has since become a more general term for an individual who regularly and excessively consumes alcohol.

In summary, a toper is a habitual and excessive drinker, displaying a strong affinity for alcoholic beverages and often showcasing signs of alcohol dependency.

Common Misspellings for TOPER

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Etymology of TOPER

The word "toper" is derived from the Middle English word "topere", which originally meant a heavy drinker or a hard drinker. This Middle English term was derived from the Old French word "topir", meaning "to drink heavily". The Old French term can be further traced back to the Latin word "toppa", which means a wine cask or vessel used for drinking.

Similar spelling words for TOPER

Plural form of TOPER is TOPERS


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