How Do You Spell TOPICALITY?

Pronunciation: [tˈɒpɪkˈalɪti] (IPA)

The word "topicality" refers to the quality of being relevant or of current interest. It is pronounced as /təˈpɪkələti/. The phonetic transcription of this word shows that it comprises of six syllables in total. The first syllable is "tə" with a short vowel "ə"; the stress is on the second syllable, "pɪk" with a short vowel "ɪ"; and the final syllable is "ləti" with the stress on the third-to-last syllable and a short vowel "ə". When spelled correctly, "topicality" can help clearly communicate one's message or ideas.

TOPICALITY Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "topicality" refers to the quality or state of being topical, relevant, or currently significant. It is a concept commonly used in various domains such as journalism, literature, debates, and discussions to assess the timeliness and pertinence of a topic or subject matter.

    In journalism, topicality refers to the newsworthiness of a story or article. It implies that the content is fresh, up-to-date, and covers events or issues that are of current interest to the public. A story with high topicality is deemed more likely to engage readers or viewers due to its connection to ongoing events.

    In debates or discussions, topicality is a criterion used to determine whether a particular argument or point is relevant and falls within the scope of the topic being addressed. It helps ensure that participants stay focused on the intended subject matter and avoid straying into unrelated or tangential areas.

    In literature and the arts, topicality involves presenting themes, motifs, or narratives that reflect or comment on contemporary society, politics, or culture. It highlights the importance of addressing subjects that resonate with the current zeitgeist, allowing for a deeper connection with readers or audiences.

    Overall, topicality is about identifying and prioritizing subjects, stories, or arguments that capture the public's attention or have immediate significance. It emphasizes the importance of staying current, engaging with the present, and bringing forth discussions, stories, or ideas that resonate with the times in which they are presented.

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Etymology of TOPICALITY

The word "topicality" is derived from the adjective "topical". "Topical" originated from the Late Latin term "topicus", which further came from the Greek word "topikos". The Greek term referred to "pertaining to a place" or "local", and it was derived from the noun "topos", meaning "place". Over time, the meaning of "topical" evolved to include the sense of something being relevant or of current interest. From the adjective "topical", the noun form "topicality" was derived, referring to the state or quality of being topical or relevant to a particular subject or situation.

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