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Pronunciation: [tˈɔːsə͡ʊ] (IPA)

The word "torso" refers to the trunk of the human body, specifically excluding the limbs and head. Its spelling may seem tricky, but it follows common English phonetic rules. The first syllable "tor" sounds like the word "tour" with a stressed "o" sound, while the second syllable "so" rhymes with the word "go". Therefore, the IPA phonetic transcription for "torso" would be /ˈtɔːrsəʊ/. This is a useful reminder to aid in spelling and pronunciation of the word.

TORSO Meaning and Definition

Torso is a noun that refers to the main part or trunk of the human body, excluding the head, limbs, and neck. It consists of the upper body, particularly the chest or thorax, the abdomen, and the lower back. In anatomy, the torso is separated into several regions, including the abdomen, chest, and pelvis.

The torso is essential for supporting the overall structure of the body and protecting vital organs. It plays a crucial role in bodily functions, such as digestion, breathing, and circulation. Additionally, it serves as a connection point for various muscles and establishes stability and balance.

In non-medical contexts, the term "torso" is often associated with artistic representations, particularly sculptures. Artists have long been captivated by the beauty and symmetry of the human torso, and it has been a popular subject throughout history. Sculptures and artworks depicting the torso often highlight its muscular structure, curves, and aesthetic appeal.

Thus, the concept of a torso extends beyond its physical existence and encompasses artistic interpretations and symbolism. It symbolizes strength, beauty, and the core of human existence. The term "torso" is widely recognized and utilized in discussions related to anatomy, art, fashion, fitness, and body image.

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Etymology of TORSO

The word "torso" originated from the Latin term "tōrsus", which means "trunk of the body". This Latin term is derived from the Ancient Greek word "tórso̱s" (τόρσος), which has the same meaning. It is worth noting that the Latin term was used to describe a statue or sculpture of the human body without the head or limbs. Over time, the term "torso" came to be used in English to describe the main part or trunk of the human body, regardless of its representation in art.

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Plural form of TORSO is TORSOS


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