How Do You Spell TORTONIS?

Pronunciation: [tɔːtˈə͡ʊniz] (IPA)

The word "tortonis" is a noun that is pronounced as /tor'tonis/. It is spelled with a "t" at the beginning, an "o" and "r" in the middle, and "n-i-s" at the end. The "t" and "n" are both unvoiced consonants, meaning they are pronounced with a puff of air but without vibrating the vocal cords. The "o" and "r" are both vowel sounds, with the "o" being pronounced as in "hot" and the "r" as a rhotic consonant that is difficult to describe phonetically.

Common Misspellings for TORTONIS

  • rortonis
  • fortonis
  • gortonis
  • yortonis
  • 6ortonis
  • 5ortonis
  • tirtonis
  • tkrtonis
  • tlrtonis
  • tprtonis
  • t0rtonis
  • t9rtonis
  • toetonis
  • todtonis
  • toftonis
  • tottonis
  • to5tonis
  • to4tonis
  • torronis
  • torfonis


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