How Do You Spell TOT?

Correct spelling for the English word "tot" is [t_ˈɒ_t], [tˈɒt], [tˈɒt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of TOT

  1. To mark with the word tot; as, a totted debt. See Tot, n.

Common Misspellings for TOT

Below is the list of 438 misspellings for the word "tot".

Usage Examples for TOT

  1. In those days, says the learned Marsham, quot urbes, tot regna. - "A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume II. (of VI.)" by Jacob Bryant
  2. Nie ward mir solches kund; Ich war bisher gesund Und bin nun jetzt fast tot. - "An anthology of German literature" by Calvin Thomas
  3. He found her at work, painting a little brown tot of a girl in the arms of her smiling mother. - "The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop" by Hamlin Garland
  4. During the struggle, Mr. Worcester came up and produced a diversion by offering red cloth, and, moving to the top of the ridge for the distribution, we found there some twenty- five or thirty more damsels, of all ages from grandmother to mere tot, and all banana- skirted. - "The Head Hunters of Northern Luzon From Ifugao to Kalinga A Ride Through the Mountains of Northern Luzon With an Appendix on the Independence of the Philippines" by Cornelis De Witt Willcox
  5. " Course not," said Tot; " too many of 'em." - "Dot and Tot of Merryland" by L. Frank Baum