How Do You Spell TOT?

Correct spelling for the English word "tot" is [t_ˈɒ_t], [tˈɒt], [tˈɒt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for TOT

Below is the list of 386 misspellings for the word "tot".

Similar spelling words for TOT

Plural form of TOT is TOTS

Definition of TOT

  1. To mark with the word tot; as, a totted debt. See Tot, n.

Anagrams of TOT

2 letters

Usage Examples for TOT

  1. " Course not," said Tot; " too many of 'em." - "Dot and Tot of Merryland" by L. Frank Baum
  2. In those days, says the learned Marsham, quot urbes, tot regna. - "A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume II. (of VI.)" by Jacob Bryant

What does tot stand for?

Abbreviation TOT means:

  1. Trick Or Treater
  2. Training Of Trainers

Conjugate verb Tot


I would tot
we would tot
you would tot
he/she/it would tot
they would tot


I will tot
we will tot
you will tot
he/she/it will tot
they will tot


I will have totted
we will have totted
you will have totted
he/she/it will have totted
they will have totted


I totted
we totted
you totted
he/she/it totted
they totted


I had totted
we had totted
you had totted
he/she/it had totted
they had totted


I tot
we tot
you tot
he/she/it tots
they tot


I have totted
we have totted
you have totted
he/she/it has totted
they have totted
I am totting
we are totting
you are totting
he/she/it is totting
they are totting
I was totting
we were totting
you were totting
he/she/it was totting
they were totting
I will be totting
we will be totting
you will be totting
he/she/it will be totting
they will be totting
I have been totting
we have been totting
you have been totting
he/she/it has been totting
they have been totting
I had been totting
we had been totting
you had been totting
he/she/it had been totting
they had been totting
I will have been totting
we will have been totting
you will have been totting
he/she/it will have been totting
they will have been totting
I would have totted
we would have totted
you would have totted
he/she/it would have totted
they would have totted
I would be totting
we would be totting
you would be totting
he/she/it would be totting
they would be totting
I would have been totting
we would have been totting
you would have been totting
he/she/it would have been totting
they would have been totting