How Do You Spell TREED?

The word "treed" is an adjective that means an animal has climbed up into a tree to escape from danger or a predator. In terms of spelling, "treed" is pronounced as /triːd/ in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription. The IPA symbols used here represent the sounds "t" followed by "r," "ee," and "d." It is important to remember this spelling and pronunciation to properly communicate about the behavior of animals fleeing to trees for safety.

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Conjugate verb Treed


I would tree
we would tree
you would tree
he/she/it would tree
they would tree


I will tree
we will tree
you will tree
he/she/it will tree
they will tree


I will have treed
we will have treed
you will have treed
he/she/it will have treed
they will have treed


I treed
we treed
you treed
he/she/it treed
they treed


I had treed
we had treed
you had treed
he/she/it had treed
they had treed


I tree
we tree
you tree
he/she/it trees
they tree


I have treed
we have treed
you have treed
he/she/it has treed
they have treed
I am treeing
we are treeing
you are treeing
he/she/it is treeing
they are treeing
I was treeing
we were treeing
you were treeing
he/she/it was treeing
they were treeing
I will be treeing
we will be treeing
you will be treeing
he/she/it will be treeing
they will be treeing
I have been treeing
we have been treeing
you have been treeing
he/she/it has been treeing
they have been treeing
I had been treeing
we had been treeing
you had been treeing
he/she/it had been treeing
they had been treeing
I will have been treeing
we will have been treeing
you will have been treeing
he/she/it will have been treeing
they will have been treeing
I would have treed
we would have treed
you would have treed
he/she/it would have treed
they would have treed
I would be treeing
we would be treeing
you would be treeing
he/she/it would be treeing
they would be treeing
I would have been treeing
we would have been treeing
you would have been treeing
he/she/it would have been treeing
they would have been treeing


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