How Do You Spell TRELATS SIGN?

The medical term "Trelat's sign" is named after French surgeon Louis Auguste Trelat. It refers to the sudden appearance of multiple seborrheic keratoses, which are non-cancerous growths on the skin. The correct pronunciation of "Trelat" is /tʁəla/, and the word is spelled with a silent "s." The accent on the first syllable emphasizes the French origin of the term. Proper spelling and pronunciation are important in the medical field to ensure clear communication and accurate diagnoses.

Common Misspellings for TRELATS SIGN

  • rrelats sign
  • frelats sign
  • grelats sign
  • yrelats sign
  • 6relats sign
  • 5relats sign
  • teelats sign
  • tdelats sign
  • tfelats sign
  • ttelats sign
  • t5elats sign
  • t4elats sign
  • trwlats sign
  • trslats sign
  • trdlats sign
  • trrlats sign
  • tr4lats sign
  • tr3lats sign
  • trekats sign
  • trepats sign

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