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Pronunciation: [tɹˈa͡ɪə] (IPA)

The word "trier" is spelled with an "i" before the "e" even though it might seem counterintuitive to those learning English. This is because "trier" is derived from the French word "essayer" meaning "to try." In French, the "i" sound comes before the "e," and this is reflected in the English spelling of "trier." The IPA phonetic transcription for "trier" is /traɪər/, where the "ai" represents the "i" sound.

TRIER Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "trier" is a noun that refers to an individual who makes an effort to achieve something or someone who attempts to do something. It is derived from the verb "to try" and is commonly associated with the act of putting forth endeavor or attempting to accomplish a goal. A "trier" is characterized by their determination, willingness to take action, and bravery to face challenges or difficulties.

    In the French justice system, the word "trier" takes on a more specific meaning. In this context, "trier" is a noun that designates a juror or member of the jury panel. These individuals play a vital role in the legal process by considering evidence and reaching verdicts in criminal trials. As "triers," they are responsible for critically assessing the information presented during a trial and applying their knowledge and judgment to determine guilt or innocence.

    Moreover, "trier" can also refer to a person originating from the city of Trier, located in Germany. This term serves to denote a resident or an individual connected to this particular place. These individuals may take pride in their connection to Trier and often identify with the city's cultural heritage and history.

    In general, "trier" encompasses the essence of someone who endeavors to accomplish a task, whether it be achieving personal goals or fulfilling responsibilities within a specific context, such as the justice system.

  2. • One who examines anything by a test or standard.
    • A person appointed to ascertain whether a challenge to a panel of jurors, or to a single juror, is just.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of TRIER

The word "trier" originated from the Old French verb "trier", which meant "to sort" or "to select". This verb ultimately derived from the Latin word "tritare", meaning "to thresh" or "to rub". In the context of sorting or selecting, "trier" refers to the act of examining, sifting through, or evaluating something or someone in order to make a decision or pass judgment. This term became widely used in the English language to describe someone who attempts or tries something, often suggesting a person who perseveres or tests their capabilities.

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