How Do You Spell TSA?

The spelling of the acronym "TSA" is quite straightforward when using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). It is spelled [tiɛs'eɪ], which represents the pronunciation of each letter. T is pronounced as [ti], S as [ɛs], and A as [eɪ]. This abbreviation stands for the Transportation Security Administration, which is a government agency responsible for both airport security and border control. With the correct pronunciation and understanding of its meaning, "TSA" is a commonly recognized term in the United States.

Common Misspellings for TSA

  • 6sa
  • 5sa
  • rtsa
  • ftsa
  • tfsa
  • gtsa
  • tgsa
  • ytsa
  • tysa
  • 6tsa
  • t6sa
  • 5tsa
  • t5sa
  • tsaa
  • tzsa
  • tsza
  • txsa
  • tsxa
  • tdsa
  • twsa
  • tswa
  • tsqa
  • tsaq
  • ttsa
  • t sa
  • ts a

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