How Do You Spell TSARITSA?

The word "tsaritsa" is a Russian term used to refer to a queen, empress, or a female monarch. The IPA phonetic transcription of the word is /tsəˈrʲitsə/, which helps us to understand its spelling. The first syllable "ts" is pronounced as a combination of "t" and "s" sound, followed by "a" which sounds as "uh." The second syllable "ri" is pronounced as "ree," followed by "tsa" which sounds as "t-s-uh." Its spelling is unique to the Russian language and represents the feminine form of "tsar."

Common Misspellings for TSARITSA

  • rsaritsa
  • fsaritsa
  • gsaritsa
  • ysaritsa
  • 6saritsa
  • 5saritsa
  • taaritsa
  • tzaritsa
  • txaritsa
  • tdaritsa
  • tearitsa
  • twaritsa
  • tszritsa
  • tssritsa
  • tswritsa
  • tsqritsa
  • tsaeitsa
  • tsaditsa
  • tsafitsa

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Plural form of TSARITSA is TSARITSAS

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