How Do You Spell TT VIRUSES?

TT viruses are a group of small, single-stranded DNA viruses that commonly infect humans. The term "TT" stands for torquetenovirus, with the phonetic transcription /tɔːrˈkwiːtənoʊvaɪrəs/. The spelling of "torque" accounts for the "torque-" sound at the beginning of the word, while "teno" accounts for the "-teno" sound in the middle. The word "virus" is spelled traditionally, following the English pronunciation of "vai-rus" with the IPA phonetic transcription /ˈvaɪrəs/. TT viruses are generally harmless, but some studies have linked them to certain diseases.

Common Misspellings for TT VIRUSES

  • tt ciruses
  • tt biruses
  • tt giruses
  • tt firuses
  • tt vuruses
  • tt vjruses
  • tt vkruses
  • tt voruses
  • tt v9ruses
  • tt v8ruses
  • tt vieuses
  • tt viduses
  • tt vifuses
  • tt vituses
  • tt vi5uses
  • tt vi4uses
  • tt viryses
  • tt virhses
  • tt virjses
  • tt virises

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