How Do You Spell TUIN?

The word "tuin" is a Dutch term that refers to a garden or a courtyard. It is pronounced as /tyːn/, with the sound of "t" being pronounced as a voiceless dental fricative, similar to the English "th" sound in "think". The "u" in "tuin" is pronounced as a rounded vowel sound, similar to the "oo" in "boot". The "i" in "tuin" is pronounced like the English "ee" sound in "feet". Overall, the spelling of "tuin" is fairly phonetic and can be easily pronounced if one is familiar with the IPA phonetic transcription.

Common Misspellings for TUIN

  • tein
  • tun
  • tuine
  • twine
  • tueen
  • twain
  • twun
  • truin
  • tfuin
  • ytuin
  • tyuin
  • 6tuin
  • t6uin
  • 5tuin
  • t5uin
  • tuyin
  • thuin
  • tuhin
  • tjuin
  • tujin

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