How Do You Spell TUTORSHIPS?

Pronunciation: [tjˈuːtəʃˌɪps] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "tutorships" is influenced by the pronunciation of the syllables. According to IPA phonetic transcription, the first syllable "tu-" is pronounced as /tjuː/, which is a combination of the consonant /t/ and the diphthong /juː/. The second syllable "-tor" is pronounced as /tɔːr/ with the vowel /ɔː/ and the consonant /r/. The final syllable "-ships" is pronounced as /ʃɪps/ with the consonant cluster /ʃ/ and the vowel /ɪ/. Therefore, the spelling of "tutorships" accurately reflects its pronunciation.

TUTORSHIPS Meaning and Definition

  1. Tutorships primarily refer to the positions or roles of being a tutor. A tutorship can indicate the state or condition of being a tutor, with a tutor being an individual who provides academic guidance or instruction outside the regular classroom setting. In this context, tutorships encompass the responsibilities, duties, and privileges that come with fulfilling the role of a tutor.

    Tutorships typically involve one-on-one or small group interactions, where a tutor engages with a student or a group of students in activities such as explaining concepts, assisting with assignments, and reviewing course material. The primary objective of a tutorship is to supplement formal education by providing personalized attention and support to address areas where the student may be struggling or to further enhance the student's understanding and knowledge in a specific subject or skill.

    In educational institutions such as colleges, universities, or even private tutoring centers, tutorships may be arranged as formal arrangements where a tutor is assigned to a particular student or group of students for a specified period. Tutors may possess expertise in various academic disciplines, offering support in subjects ranging from mathematics to foreign languages, and from science to humanities.

    Furthermore, "tutorships" can also refer to the overall concept or practice of tutoring. It encompasses the methods, strategies, and principles employed by tutors to help students achieve their academic goals. Tutorships are aimed at fostering learning, growth, and improvement in students by catering to their unique needs, learning styles, and pace of progress.

Common Misspellings for TUTORSHIPS

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  • gutorships
  • yutorships
  • 6utorships
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  • t8torships
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  • tutirships

Etymology of TUTORSHIPS

The word "tutorships" is derived from the word "tutor". The term "tutor" comes from the Latin word "tutor", which means "protector" or "guardian". In English, the term originally referred to a private teacher or instructor responsible for providing individual guidance and education to a student. The addition of the suffix "-ships" transforms the word into a noun referring to the position or state of being a tutor.


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