How Do You Spell UKASE?

Correct spelling for the English word "ukase" is [j_ˈuː_k_eɪ_s], [jˈuːke͡ɪs], [jˈuːke‍ɪs]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of UKASE

  1. [=u]-k[=a]s', n. a Russian decree having the force of law, emanating from the Czar directly or from the senate: any official proclamation. [Russ. ukaz[)u], an edict--y-, prefix, kazat[)i], show.]

Common Misspellings for UKASE

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Usage Examples for UKASE

  1. Five days after the examination of M. Makaroff, on July 21, 1906, the first Russian Parliament was dissolved by Imperial ukase. - "A Short History of Russia" by Mary Platt Parmele
  2. That very morning Dunshie's company commander received the following ukase from headquarters:- Officers commanding Companies will render to the Orderly Room without fail, by 9 A. M. to- morrow, the name of one man qualified to act as chiropodist to the Company. - "The First Hundred Thousand" by Ian Hay
  3. Indeed, by a late imperial ukase, Poland is expunged from the map of Europe; her old and noble families are murdered, imprisoned, or in exile; her own language is excluded from the offices of government, and even from the public schools; her national character destroyed; her national dress proscribed; her national colours trampled under foot; her national banner, the white eagle of Poland, is in the dust. - "Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland, 7th ed. Vol. 2 of 2" by John Lloyd Stephens
  4. Being compelled by an imperial ukase to acquire the Russian language, his eyes were opened to a new world of literature, and he began to think for himself. - "Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ" by Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.
  5. The newspaper is as imperious as a Russian Ukase; it will be had, and it will be read. - "The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr." by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)