How Do You Spell ULLR?

The spelling of the Norse god's name, Ullr, can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the language. The correct pronunciation is /ˈʉlːr/, with a long vowel sound for the "u" and a double "l" indicating a lengthened "l" sound. The letter "r" at the end is rolled or trilled. The pronunciation may vary slightly based on regional dialects or individual accents. Ullr was a god associated with hunting, archery, and skiing, and was revered by the ancient Scandinavian people.

Common Misspellings for ULLR

  • yllr
  • hllr
  • jllr
  • illr
  • 8llr
  • 7llr
  • uklr
  • uplr
  • uolr
  • ulkr
  • ulpr
  • ulor
  • ulld
  • ullf
  • ullt
  • ull5
  • ull4
  • yullr
  • uyllr

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