How Do You Spell ULULATED?

Ululated is spelled with the letters U-L-U-L-A-T-E-D. The pronunciation of this word is /ˈjuːljʊleɪtɪd/. The IPA phonetic transcription shows that the first syllable begins with a "y" sound, followed by a "ju" sound, and ends with a short "u" sound. The second syllable has a short "u" sound, followed by a "leɪt" sound. The final syllable ends with a short "ɪd" sound. Ululated means to howl or make a high-pitched sound, often in a mournful or celebratory manner.

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Conjugate verb Ululated


I would ululate
we would ululate
you would ululate
he/she/it would ululate
they would ululate


I will ululate
we will ululate
you will ululate
he/she/it will ululate
they will ululate


I will have ululated
we will have ululated
you will have ululated
he/she/it will have ululated
they will have ululated


I ululated
we ululated
you ululated
he/she/it ululated
they ululated


I had ululated
we had ululated
you had ululated
he/she/it had ululated
they had ululated


I ululate
we ululate
you ululate
he/she/it ululates
they ululate


I have ululated
we have ululated
you have ululated
he/she/it has ululated
they have ululated
I am ululating
we are ululating
you are ululating
he/she/it is ululating
they are ululating
I was ululating
we were ululating
you were ululating
he/she/it was ululating
they were ululating
I will be ululating
we will be ululating
you will be ululating
he/she/it will be ululating
they will be ululating
I have been ululating
we have been ululating
you have been ululating
he/she/it has been ululating
they have been ululating
I had been ululating
we had been ululating
you had been ululating
he/she/it had been ululating
they had been ululating
I will have been ululating
we will have been ululating
you will have been ululating
he/she/it will have been ululating
they will have been ululating
I would have ululated
we would have ululated
you would have ululated
he/she/it would have ululated
they would have ululated
I would be ululating
we would be ululating
you would be ululating
he/she/it would be ululating
they would be ululating
I would have been ululating
we would have been ululating
you would have been ululating
he/she/it would have been ululating
they would have been ululating


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