How Do You Spell UNTIED?

The word "untied" is spelled with an "i" after the letter "t" because it follows the rule of the "magic e" in English spelling. The "magic e" changes the pronunciation of the vowel before it to a long sound. In this case, the letter "i" in "tied" has a short sound, but with the "e" after the "t", the "i" becomes a long sound. The IPA phonetic transcription for "untied" is /ʌnˈtaɪd/, with stress on the second syllable.

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Conjugate verb Untied


I would untie
we would untie
you would untie
he/she/it would untie
they would untie


I will untie
we will untie
you will untie
he/she/it will untie
they will untie


I will have untied
we will have untied
you will have untied
he/she/it will have untied
they will have untied


I untied
we untied
you untied
he/she/it untied
they untied


I had untied
we had untied
you had untied
he/she/it had untied
they had untied


I untie
we untie
you untie
he/she/it unties
they untie


I have untied
we have untied
you have untied
he/she/it has untied
they have untied
I am untying
we are untying
you are untying
he/she/it is untying
they are untying
I was untying
we were untying
you were untying
he/she/it was untying
they were untying
I will be untying
we will be untying
you will be untying
he/she/it will be untying
they will be untying
I have been untying
we have been untying
you have been untying
he/she/it has been untying
they have been untying
I had been untying
we had been untying
you had been untying
he/she/it had been untying
they had been untying
I will have been untying
we will have been untying
you will have been untying
he/she/it will have been untying
they will have been untying
I would have untied
we would have untied
you would have untied
he/she/it would have untied
they would have untied
I would be untying
we would be untying
you would be untying
he/she/it would be untying
they would be untying
I would have been untying
we would have been untying
you would have been untying
he/she/it would have been untying
they would have been untying